League of Legends: Best Champions For Beginners

If you are a gamer, it is unlikely that you have never heard of or played League of Legends (LoL). Before it became a worldwide sensation garnering billions of dollars, League of Legends was just an idea. But today, it happens to be the most popular eSports game!

Even if you are not a gamer, League of Legends is something that you will pick up and enjoy with ease. But one of the first things that everyone wonders after they download League of Legends is which of the hundreds of League of Legends champions is the best to play with. And this holds especially true for beginners or first-timers.

We are here to help you out! Read on to find out about the champions who have been tailor-made for catering to new players.

League of Legends Champions

The League of Legends championship includes some champions who are available for free on a rotational basis. If a particular champion is not free for that week, they need to be unlocked.

All the champions listed below involve 260 Riot Points or 450 Blue Essence worth of entry-level costs. Otherwise, they can purchase them separately from the League of Legends counter for unlocking.

However, the item builds, runes, and summoner spells vary based on the game and other playing champions. But we are also pretty certain that our recommendations will work out stellar even if you are playing for the first time.

So without further ado, here is the recommended list of champions for beginners.

1. Ashe

If you have seen any League of Legends guide, including the tutorials on the League of Legends YouTube page, you would recognize Ashe. She was the original champion of the game, which was seen on all of these tutorials!

As a champion, Ashe comes with several advantages. She is a skilled marksman new players will find beneficial, thanks to her ability to provide long-range utilities to the team. She can slow down enemies with her large hit-box W Volley and auto attacks unlike any other.

In terms of offense, she is unparalleled. Apart from that, the Enchanted Crystal allows her to stun her enemies in a single hit. She can also help in surveillance due to her special E-Hawk shot scouting power that can reveal the map of any place that you are traveling on.

In terms of defense, however, she tends to be weak. So it would be advisable to take shelter behind your squadmates and use the long attack range to your team's advantage.

2. Annie

Annie can be an excellent mage for the new players, to begin with, and especially if they are looking for some quick damage. With Pyromania, Annie can stun an enemy passively at an interval of four spells cast by her. This helps her gain tremendous crowd control as a result!

Annie has a spell that deals damage and is targeted toward farming minions, called the Q Disintegrate. Having a mana refund and low cooldown helps Annie to kill her target minions quickly and effectively.

But her ultimate summoner spell is Tibbers, which is a nuke spell. It can summon a tame pet that can deal equal levels of damage until it gets timed out or killed in the process.

But at the same time, it must be borne in mind to keep a lookout for Annie's passive so that the stun effect can be used on the enemy champions.

3. Garen

Garen is yet another exceptional champion for beginners. He is the ideal choice for those looking for strong defense abilities and enough offense power for dealing sufficient damage during battle.

Garen's passive helps him to regenerate his health swiftly when he is not engaged in direct combat. Therefore, he can cool off after withstanding damage and remain healthy at the same time.

He also has the power of extra movement thanks to his Q Decisive Strike. If coupled with the E Judgement spin move, he can deal enough damage to any target in any given range. Apart from that, his executing move, R Demacian Justice, makes it ideal to finish off those enemies who are low on health.

4. Soraka

Soraka is the champion to go for if you are someone who takes pleasure in defending and assisting your teammates simultaneously. Although she comes with two damage spells, they are meant for dealing minimal damage. Instead, they come handier in terms of utility.

E Equinox can silence enemies, and Q Starcall can slow them. But Soraka is more famous for her commendable healing abilities,  which are the R Wish and W Astral Infusion. The former can heal allies at any distance, while the latter can heal allies only at a close distance.

Soraka can heal her allies using the Astral Infusion by utilizing her health in the process. But it is the ultimate Wish that is her trump card. This can heal allies who are below 40% health. So you can resort to this only when multiple allies are depleting theirs and not sacrifice your health for your squad.

5. Master Yi

Master Yi can be one of the most damaging champions in the League of Legends Worlds and proves to be especially beneficial for beginners for this reason. He can quickly kill enemies by hunting them down and finishing them off once and for all.

His Q Alpha Strike can turn him completely invincible as enemies won't target him anymore. In the meantime, he can continue hitting multiple enemies. This ability makes him ideal for causing damage during battles and also for slaughtering jungle monsters.

He can also heal quickly due to this W Meditate, while his R Highlander and E Wuju Style attacks grant him movement speed.

The only drawback with Master Yi is that he lacks enough tankiness and health, which renders him unable to linger in a team fight for too long at a stretch.

Final Words

That's all there is to this guide. These are some of the simple champions who can help with mastering or improving on most of the fundamental in-game concepts.

League of Legends Wiki and League of Legends Reddit channels will have additional information on all these characters. So make sure you check them out, too, before you start playing!

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