How to increase your win percentage in league of legends as support

The role of support in League of Legends as important and necessary as any other role, but to carry as support it's pretty hard. Here are some small tips that will increase your winning chance in lol while playing support.

Lets start with the champion select, you should always pick your support based on your team composition, unless you are first pick, in that case you will aim for the most powerful support champion during that patch. Select ignite or exhaust depending on the enemy composition. Play with ignite when the other team doesn't have champions like tryndamere, fiora and other fighters and always pick ignite against healing champions like mundo, soraka, swain, fiddlesticks, volibear and so on. Exhaust is necessary in all the other cases and has priority when the enemy jungler is mainly attack damage like jarvan, kha zix, rengar etc. Always pick supports in the current meta until you can form your own style, dont try unconventional champions until you formed your own style.

So the game started, depending on your style or the champion you play you will buy your first item. Your choices are Ancient Coin, Spellthief's Edge and Relic Shield. As a melee champion you will pick Relic Shield and as a ranged champion Spellthief's Edge, Ancient Coin being picked only when you want to play passive or you play champions like thresh or blitzcrank that will use the upgrade to talisman of ascension to initiate. The only exception to the above item pick is thresh because he has bonus damage from his E - Flay that will help at last hitting with minions with higher hp, therefore helping you and your marksman to not miss creeps. You will upgrade the support items depending on how your lane is going, but the main item to be done is Sightstone. 

The sightstone is the most important item on support in lol because vision will always give you advantages. You will skip sightstone when you didn't get to build it before level 9. In this case you will upgrade your Warding Totem to Greater Stealth Totem and you will have 2 vision wards without using that much gold, so you can focus on other defensive or assisting items. After purchasing Sightstone always change your Warding Totem Trinket and get Sweeping Lens Trinket. Upgrade it to Oracle Lens if the other team has champions like shaco, evelyn or upgrade it after you have a full build to increase your ward finding range.

Always ward key positions and in the most effective way. Place pinks at dragon and baron exactly in the entrance to their pit to cover a bigger area. All normal vision wards should be also be placed to bring you the best coverage, for example: on botlane ward the enemies bushes right at the end of it, it will grant you vision over upcoming ganks and will provide the best teleport position for your toplaner to teleport and do a counter gank, ward the bushes right on the corner leading to the river, this will also grant you maximum vision.

Lets get to item build. Always optimize your build depending on the enemy team composition. Rush Mikael's Crucible if their team has binds or crowd control spells, Locket of the Iron Solari in case the enemy team has AOE composition. Upgrade your Relic shield to Face of the Mountain as fast as possible on champions like leona, thresh , blitzcrank and do not ignore the item, try to use as much as you can to defend your teammates , if it's possible use it on cooldown. The rest of the build matters more on how the game is going, if you have full damage team Zeke's Herald would be a good choice at any time. Get something tanky as Randuin's Omen on late-game if their only magic damage is their midlaner.

As some final advice always keep a positive attitude. As support you should be under less pressure than anyone else so you should be the positive one. Positive attitude helps a lot and maintains you calm, even though most of the people don't believe the messages from League of Legends most of them are true.

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