What Is Adaptive Force And How Does It Work in LoL?

Ever since the dawn of League of Legends, champions relied on two core damage modifiers to scale up throughout the game and consequentially deal more damage to enemy players.


These modifiers were Ability Power (AP) and Attack Damage (AD).


However, in recent times, players have seen the addition of items and runes that grand Adaptive Force instead. And while this modifier works directly around AP and AD, many players are still a little confused on how it works and what it is, to begin with.


So to lift the veil on any potential confusion and to help players adapt to the current meta, we've put together this article to tell you everything there is to know about Adaptive Force.


Let's dive in!


What Is Adaptive Force?

As we mentioned earlier, the Adaptive Force modifier works directly around AD and AP. In fact, it gives champions an increase in either AP or AD. However, the stat increased is determined by which stat the champion has more of already.


So for example, if the champion already has more AP than AD, they will get an increase to their Ability Power in LoL.


On the flip side, if they have more AD, they will get an increase to their Attack Damage instead.


Pretty straight forward right?


The only ambiguous part of this mechanic is the situation where a given champion has equal AD and AP. In this case, the stat increased depends solely on the champion.


How Does Adaptive Force Scale & How Much Of Each Stat Is Awarded?

While the modifier itself is relatively easy to grasp and wrap your head around, many players struggle to value just how much of each core damage stat they'll be awarded.


Adaptive Force provides either 0.6 AD or 1 AP to the champion in question.


So, where would you find Adaptive Force in the game?


The main sources of Adaptive Force in League of Legends are Runes and champion abilities.


Here are the runes that award Adaptive Force:

·   Absolute Focus

·   Conqueror

·   Transcendence

·   Eyeball Collection

·   Zombie Ward

·   Waterwalking

·   Gathering Storm

·   Ghost Poro

·   The Adaptive Force rune shard


However, it's not just runes that grant champions Adaptive Force in League of Legends - ever since Yuumi, the Magical Cat was released, players realized that her W, "You and Me!" grants quite a bit of Adaptive Force as well. And while there are no other champion abilities that currently grant Adaptive Force, it's clear that Riot plants to work this in as a core mechanic for future champion releases and the progression of the game as a whole towards the future. And of course, as they come out, we'll be covering them extensively in our LoL guides section.


It's also worth noting that while Adaptive Force is a core mechanic in the game these days, most League of Legends resources omit to mention Adaptive Force in favor of AP and AD as far more players are more familiar with the core stats rather than the Adaptive Force modifier.


Closing Thoughts

While AD and AP are the core damage stats in League of Legends, and they're definitely here to stay, Adaptive Force provides a nice element of flexibility - allowing for a more diversified playstyle, without losing out on any of the inherent scaling benefits of either type of damage stat.


However, ever since its first appearance in 2018, many players have been left at a loss as to how it really works and scales.


We hope that today's article managed to answer some of the burning questions you have and clarify the intricacies behind how Adaptive Force works and scales.


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