Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1)

Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1) The ADCarry role might be the easiest role in League of Legends someone can learn, but it’s the hardest role to master since it has a duo lane that he has to synergies with. In this article we will be talking about Top Marksmen of Season 5; Exposing the most important strengths and weaknesses that they have to offer.

Laning phase: Caitlyn can easily control the lane by abusing her long range attacks and skills(Piltover Peacemaker “Q” , Ace in the Hole “R”) . She can use traps (Yordle Snap Trap “W”) to control certain areas of the lane and she has a backward dash with slow (90 Caliber Net “E”) which helps her to get away from bad trades, these abilities make her one of the best ADC in laning phase.
She doesn’t have bad matchups since she can’t be outranged or outfarmed, but you should be careful against “All In” combos (e.g. Ezreal and Leona)
Team Fights: Caitlyn is great at sieging towers and objectives due to her abilities to poke and to zone the enemy team by using her 3 traps that she has at her disposal. But she is not that good when it comes to full engage team fights, since her abilities do not help her that much; Her Q can be easily dodged, the traps have huge cooldown (8 sec at max level, but it’s the last skill leveled up and at level 1 it has 20 sec) and have pretty long arm time, and her ultimate requires cast time and she can only use it before or after a team fight, not in middle of one.
Best support: The best supports for Caitlyn are the ones that can peel for her (Janna, Lulu) or those that can poke alongside her (Zyra, Karma, Sona)
Conclusion: Since she has a strong laning phase, fairly easy to play, decent in team fights but does not have “steroids” (skills that increase Attack Speed or Attack Damage) or burst damage we can label her as a LowRisk/MediumReward Champion.

Laning phase: Corki has a good laning phase as long as he doesn’t miss Phosphorus Bomb “Q” and later at level 6, Missile Barrage “R”; His Valkyrie “W” is a good escaping or chasing tool but it’s not the best dash ability in the game since it has pretty high mana cost (100 MP) and it’s damage is negligible.
Corki should win most matchups with few exceptions like Caitlyn, which outranges him and makes his Q really hard to hit from long range, and also Draven who can outdamage him and can interrupt Valkyrie with his Stand Aside “E”.
After Corki finishes Trinity Force he can 1v1 any ADC early on, his damage in mid-game is ridiculous. He falls a bit off in the late-game but not that hard.
Team Fights: Corki is decent in team fights bringing to the table a nice stream of constant damage; Has good damage against tanks since he has all 3 types of damage: magic damage, true damage (bonus 10% as true damage from his basic attack damage, Hextech Shrapnel Shells), physical damage; Also his Gattling Gun “E” shreds armor (up to 40 armor at max level) which in combination with last whisper scales even better.
Against squishy targets he can do mini-bursts with Q and R, following up with E, but if he misses those two he can be in trouble. He’s not the best Marksman in 1v1 situations since usually his build does not rely on critical chance and his abilities can be somewhat easily dodged.
Late-game damage is good, but you shouldn’t expect to carry that hard after the enemy ADC hits full build as well.
Best support: The best support for Corki is probably Leona because Gattling Gun is DOT (damage over time) and triggers every charge of Leona’s passive “Sunlight” , passive that marks enemies dealing bonus damage after she hits a spell on them; And since Leona can cast her spells in a few seconds, Corki can keep up the triggering without letting the passive get overstacked and lose potential damage.
As for other supports, almost anything is good with Corki, since his base stats are pretty high.
Conclusion: Corki has good early game, good laning phase, decent damage in team fights, small burst damage but he lacks critical chance and his attack speed isn’t so great either, we will be label him as a LowRisk/MediumReward Champion. 

Laning phase: Early on, Graves is pretty weak in laning phase due to his shorter range than average (525 units, average is 550 units) and also the fact that he his Buckshot “Q” needs to be in close range to do the maximum damage from the other bullets (up to a total bonus of 170% damage, 35% per each extra bullet that hits). After he hits level 6, the enemies will play more defensive since he has a huge burst damage potential, so ideally, Graves should be played defensively till he levels up his ultimate.
Team Fights: He synergies very well with full engage team compositions, since his Buckshot “Q” and Collateral Damage “R” deal a ton of burst damage in AOE (area of effect), which helps his team kill enemy targets in a matter of seconds. Smoke Screen “W” is a great ability for zoning enemies, an ability that blinds people that stay in the smoke or pass through, while Quickdraw “E” boosts the attack speed up to 70% and allows him to reposition in fights, making him really slippery and deadly at the same time.
Graves might be the best ADC throughout all the phases of the game (early,mid,late game) when he is played in a team with good engages. But might not be the best pick against teams that have poke and great disengages.
Best support: Works best with burst supports like: Leona, Thresh, even Blitzcrank; But also can be played with supports like Janna, Nami that can peel for him and also increase his damage. Conclusion: Even if his early game is not the best and his range is not that high, his massive instant AOE damage, mobility, the fact that he can zone areas in team fights and the “steroid” on Quickdraw make him a top Marksman; We can label him as a MediumRisk/HighReward Champion.

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