The Best Mid Lane Champions To Play In Patch 10.6

With each and every new League of Legends patch, the META gets continually rebalanced, and certain best mid lane champions rise to become the new dominant force while others fall behind.


And out of all the lanes, the mid lane is perhaps one of the roles that is the most impacted by any rebalancing changes being made throughout Riot's update schedule.


To save you the hassle of digging through the patch notes time and time again to figure out what the best mid lane champions to play in the newest patch are - we've compiled our own top-list for the mid lane champions that dominate the roster in Patch 10.6.


Let's dive right in!


1. Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana has always been one of the strongest mid lane champions with plenty to offer, no matter your playstyle. Whether you want to hard carry your team and punish low ELO players' mistakes, or play a safer lane to focus on honing your mechanical and macro play - she's an excellent pick.


All in all, Diana has some absolutely insane burst that comes combined with absolutely ridiculous survivability, even after she was reworked in Patch 9.24. She enjoys crazy kill potential throughout all stages of the game and is very forgiving even if you end up playing your early game poorly.


2. Katarina, The Sinister Blade

Let's face it, no mid lane top-list can go by without at least a mention of this monster of a champion. Despite Katarina's high skill-ceiling, she is absolutely deadly thanks to the mind-boggling damage that she dishes out.


If you manage to master the mechanics behind using her dagger in an optimal manner, you create for near-infinite outplay potential that allows you to dominate just about every lane and hard-carry your entire team by pressuring the side lanes throughout early game.


3. Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

If you play any amount of League of Legends, you likely have some pretty strong feelings about Ekko. Most players either love him dearly or loathe him with seething hatred.


Ekko's kit is incredibly well-rounded as it offers a great degree of utility, damage potential, and even survivability. This makes him a very powerful pick, no matter your skill level as a player. In lane, Ekko is pretty much in charge and has all the potential to capitalize on enemies' poor positioning to pick up very easy kills. And with only one or two early kills, Ekko has every element he needs to snowball into an absolute monster.


4. Kassadin, The Void Walker

In Patch 10.6, Kassadin makes a swift resurgence back to the top of practically every mid lane tier list thanks to his powerful passive that allows him to dominate pretty much any magic-damage based matchup.


His insane mobility and the extra 15% magic resistance that he gets off the bat, along with his insane early game damage, provide for unmatched kill potential and cross-map pressure. With a crazy play-making kit, Kassadin can easily dominate the game if he isn't shut down and kept suppressed, making him one of the best picks into any AP carry in the mid lane.


5. Fizz, The Tidal Trickster

Practically any champion that has the insane degree of mobility that Fizz offers along with the ability to become untargetable to avoid spells and tricky situations is honestly pretty overpowered. And when you throw in Fizz's crazy damage output into the mix - it's easy to see why Fizz consistently dominates LoL tier lists and makes it into practically anyone's personal list of the best mid lane champions to play.


And he is especially powerful in the lower ELO brackets due to the fact that inexperienced players are generally at a total loss as to what they need to do to counter Fizz. And in all honesty, there is very little that you can do to totally lock him down anyway.


Closing Thoughts

With each and every patch, many players find themselves wondering about which champions they should pick up to dominate in the mid lane.


Patch 10.6 brings forward some interesting balance changes that can make the decision a little confusing. We hope that after reading through our top 5 picks for the best mid lane champions in Patch 10.6, you're able to find a new champion to main and climb the ranked ladder with. Best of luck!

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