League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that requires players to choose champions to battle against the enemy team. The jungle role is one of the most critical positions in League of Legends, as the jungler can influence the outcome of the game by ganking lanes and securing objectives.

This season, several jungle champions have stood out as the best picks for climbing the ranked ladder. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the top jungle champions in League of Legends this season.

  1. Udyr: Udyr has been a strong pick in the jungle role this season, thanks to his high damage output and fast clear speed. He can easily take down camps and objectives, making him an efficient farmer. Moreover, his stun and movement speed boost make him an excellent ganker. With the right items, Udyr can quickly become a tanky bruiser, making him an excellent frontline for team fights.

  2. Hecarim: Hecarim is a mobile and aggressive jungler that has seen a rise in popularity this season. He can quickly move around the map, gank lanes, and provide utility for his team. He has an excellent engage tool in his ultimate, which can disrupt enemy team fights and give his team an advantage. His high mobility and fast clear speed make him an efficient farmer, allowing him to keep up with the enemy jungler.

  3. Kha'Zix: Kha'Zix is an assassin jungler that has been a popular pick this season. His high burst damage and mobility make him an excellent pick for ganking and taking down squishy targets. Kha'Zix can also easily take down objectives, making him a versatile jungler. His ultimate provides invisibility and increased movement speed, making him an excellent escape artist.

  4. Rumble: Rumble is an unconventional jungle pick that has seen a rise in popularity this season. He has a strong early game and can quickly clear camps with his AoE spells. He provides a lot of utility for his team, with his ultimate providing a slow and zoning tool in team fights. His damage output is also excellent, making him a threat in 1v1 situations.

  5. Nidalee: Nidalee is a versatile jungle pick that has been a popular choice this season. She has a fast clear speed and high mobility, making her an efficient farmer and ganker. Her long-range spears provide poke damage and can take down low-health targets. Moreover, her ultimate provides a lot of utility, giving her team increased mobility and sustain.

In conclusion, these are the top jungle champions in League of Legends this season. However, it is important to remember that the strength of each champion depends on the individual player's skill and playstyle. Therefore, players should choose a champion that fits their preferred playstyle and practice to improve their performance in the jungle role.