The Best Champions To One Trick In S10

Let's face it - one tricking a champion in League Of Legends allows you to hone-in and deliberately practice one champion to perfection, instead of squandering your attention span across multiple champions, kits, mechanics, matchups and so forth.


In short - it allows you to take a degree of complexity out of your gameplay and focus on learning one champion and how to best play the game and win it with them.


However, while it's evident that one-tricking a champion and becoming a trued expert when it comes to every little detail surrounding their kit and gameplay is amazing - some champions are just better than others.


This is why we've put together a quick list of the best champions to one-trick in Season 10, Patch 10.5. Let's dive right in!


1. Darius - Top Lane/Mid Lane/Jungle

The reason that Darius headlines our list of the best champions to one trick in Season 10 is the fact that he is a hyper-snowball killing machine. He is an aggressive, axe in your face champion and excels at absolutely crushing any lane he is in.


One kill is enough to start the snowball, and once Darius takes off, he will very quickly turn into a terrifying enemy to play against. He has an incredibly dominant damage-heavy kit that gives him the ability to really capitalize on any advantages that he or his team-mates create. And did we mention that there's very little micro-mechanical skill involved?


2. Diana - Mid Lane/Jungle

As one of the most insane mid laners that scale very well into the late-game, Diana definitely deserves her rightful spot on this list! She has incredible lane pressure, dishes out tonnes of damage, and has a very low mechanical requirement to play to her full potential.


She is an incredibly powerful pick due to the fact that she has considerable influence on the flow of your game right from the start, and this influence persists throughout all stages of the game. She is a powerful split-pusher and team fighter, making her very versatile and allowing you to develop your own unique playstyle with Diana.


3. Miss Fortune - Bot Lane

Due to how simple Miss Fortune's kit is up-front, she is definitely a champion that allows you to divert the attention you'd sink into learning complex micro-mechanics and invest it into developing excellent decision-making skills instead.


However, don't be fooled by how simple she seems. She can zone off entire areas in a team fight, dominates her lane, and packs a decent bit of crowd control with her E as well. Put simply - her kit has a tonne of tools, and just about everything you'll need to carry yourself and your team.



One tricking a champion allows you to deliberately hone-in and remove the complex micro-mechanical aspect of the game in favor of mastering decision making and macro-play.


While you can certainly one trick just about any champion, some champions are just that much better than others. We hope that you've enjoyed our list of the best champions to one trick in S10. And if you ever get stuck or feel like you lack that extra bit of knowledge that would take your game to the next level - check out our coaching section or browse through our League of Legends guides to get the knowledge you need to improve.



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