The Advantages of Playing League of Legends

A lot of people consider playing games to be waste of time but recent studies have shown that playing games can be beneficial for both physical and mental health. These benefits are not limited to young players; they are equally useful for adult gamers too. 

League of Legends is a game that has recently gained popularity among players from around the globe. People are organizing tournaments and competitions and some of them even have daily training sessions. Of course, this might sound like something unhealthy and bizarre but the truth is that playing League of Legends has many advantages.

First of all, playing League of Legends will help you relax. Whether you are a student who has just returned home from a stressful test or you are an employee that has a really rough day at your workplace there is no better to remove that stress other than playing a game like league of Legends. This game will help you focus on it and forget all other things that are bothering you. You will also get the chance to canalize your aggression through a nice match between you and your opponent. In this way you will find peace without hurting anyone. 

League of Legends can also improve your eye’s response. This is a game that has a lot of details which means that you will have to sharpen your senses (especially your sight) if you want to be successful in it. You must be able to click on the right place at the right time and that requires a great amount of precision.

Although League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena and partially role playing game, those who are playing it have to be ready to perform several things at once. Selecting units, browsing the map, using spells…all these things can improve your multi-tasking abilities and ultimately they will keep your brain alert and functioning properly. Improved multitasking can help you finish your everyday activity more easily. 

In many situations our ability to respond quickly in different situations can mean a lot. In some cases it even means saving our lives. Thanks to League of Legends you will be able to improve your reaction time. In order to achieve good scores in LoL you must browse through the map quickly and use the best tactics on the field immediately. League of Legends requires fast reaction time. This is a type of game that provides almost non-stop action.

Finally, playing league of Legends is a great way to have some fun. All the excitement this game brings will certainly boost your mood and make you feel happy when you are finished. 

As you can see, although the popular belief is that playing games especially League of Legends is a complete waste of time, the truth is that this game has many advantages, especially when it comes to our health. Playing League of Legends daily cannot produce any negative effects if it is practiced for a reasonable time. A reasonable time spent playing, means that it won’t interfere into your everyday obligations and activities.

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