The 5 Best Top Lane Champions To Play In Patch 10.7

If you've played any amount of League of Legends, you've likely tried to play the fast-paced top lane at some point in time. Some players fall in love with the lane and choose to main top lane champions exclusively. However, it's undeniable that with every patch, certain champions just perform a heck of a lot better than others.


So, if you're wondering what the best top lane champions to play this patch are, we've got you covered!


How Do We Choose Our Preferred Top Lane Champs?

When we pick out any champions to feature for a top list like our list of the best mid  lane champions, there are a few key things that we take into consideration to weed out the sub-par picks and feature the top 5.


Here are three of the factors that we focus on:

1.    Feedback on play-testing from our challenger ELO boosters.

2.    Champion skill-floor for playability and their skill ceiling for potential.

3.    Champion's viability to carry in low and high ELO games alike.


Our Pick For The Strongest Toplaners To Play This Patch

1. Darius, the Hand of Noxus

Despite the fact that Darius is one of the first champions you can unlock after the tutorial - he is an absolute monster. His simple, yet impressively effective kit allows you to dish out mindblowing damage with your bleed stacks while featuring a nice bit of CC and solid sustain.


2. Wukong, the Monkey King

Thanks to his recent rework, Wukong is back in the toplists as one of the strongest top lane champions to play. He has always been viable. However, the recent rework puts him into a position where most players still haven't quite wrapped their heads around him. And coupled with an amazing kit with tons of potential - he performs incredibly well in just about any team composition.


3. Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant

Fantastic damage, great crowd control, solid sustain and amazing survivability - Mordekaiser has it all, along with one of the strongest team-fight ultimates that allow you to take an enemy carry or support out of the fight off the bat. This allows him to snowball very effectively on a minimal advantage, which makes him an absolute nightmare to play against, especially in lower ELO brackets.


4. Sett, the Boss

This champion is rather aptly named as he definitely bosses his lane around. He has incredible sustain and mobility and can very easily snowball on a single mistake made in the early game by his enemy laner. His crazy midgame presence and powerful damage output without sacrificing any sustain make him an incredibly powerful pick in the top lane.


5. Garen, the Might of Demacia

If you're looking for an incredibly simple champion to pick up that can carry you through all ELO brackets - Garen might just be the answer. From an incredibly safe lane to his crazy damage spin-to-win playstyle, Garen allows you to play out the game on practically autopilot, and win, hard. He is viable at all ELOs and has no matchups that he just can't go against. Versatile, easy, strong - what more could you want?


Closing Thoughts

And there you have it - our top 5 top lane champs for patch 10.7! Give them a shot and learn how to carry with them in the top lane for some easy ELO. With patch 10.8 coming quickly, there may be some changes. However, the champions we've outlined above have been a consistent top lane powerhouse across most patches, and you'll benefit immensely from learning how to play them at a high level.

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