Many people consider the midlane role in League of Legends to be the most important role in the game. After all, the midlaner is the one who usually has the most impact on the game.

However, some people believe that the top lane is actually the most important role. While the midlaner may have more impact on the game, the top laner is the one who sets the pace of the game.

So, which role is actually the most important? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each role to see which one deserves the title of most important.

Pros of the Midlane Role:

1) The midlaner is often considered the "most important" role because people tend to associate skill in this role with skill in general. Therefore, if you're good at League, people will assume that you're good at everything. (This makes no sense but it's a common perception.)

2) Midlane matchups are often considered to be the most exciting p lane match-ups in the game. People love watching high level midlane matchups because they're always full of action and suspense.

3) Midlaners usually have more opportunities to make plays than top laners do. This is because junglers are often focused on ganking for their teammates rather than doing something productive themselves. Therefore, if a midlaner wants to make a play, they'll often have a good opportunity to do so.

4) Midlaners are usually the ones who get exposed to the most criticism. Whenever someone says "I suck at League," it's almost always assumed that they're a midlaner because of how important this role is perceived to be. This gives midlaners an opportunity to improve their game in ways that other players can't quite do as easily. Cons of the Midlane Role:

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