League Of Legends: Basic Things You Need To Know


League of Legends goes down into the history of popular games, maybe even tops the list. LoL, may be a bit intimidating for someone playing it for the first time.

We have got your back. Before anything, download League of Legends on your laptop or mobile and follow this League of Legends guide to learn all the basic things you need to know. And within no time, your name will be on the League of Legends champions' list!

Ensure you keep aside a dedicated time to learn and grasp and enjoy the League of Legends Championship to its full glory. Let's get started.


What Is League of Legends?

LoL is a multiplayer online battle game arena, also called MOBA. It gained popularity overnight and became one of the biggest eSports. Moreover, the League of Legends server claims over 100 million active players.

Riot Games published LoL and made it free for everyone to download online from the game's website. There is Riot-produced content on the homepage. All you have to do is press "PLAY" to enter the competition.

But before entering the game, visit the "STORE" to purchase League of Legends skins, champions, and much more that you will require as you progress through the game.


Who Are League of Legends Champions?

In a usual League game, ten players are divided into two teams (five each) and fight it out on a map named Summoner's Rift. Each player, known as a champion, controls a single character.

Every champion has their powers and special abilities along with different playstyles. At the start of the game, each team gets turns selecting champions from the "STORE."




The Goal - How to Win?

The goal in League is to work as a team to destroy the enemy Nexus - the primary objective in each team's base or crush the enemy's hopes of victory to the point that they surrender.

Once the enemy's health falls to zero, the team who destroyed it wins. As the objective is deep within the enemy's base on their part of the map, getting to it is a challenge full of obstacles.

You begin at level 1 and progressively get stronger by attaining experience and earning gold to purchase items. Eventually, one team grows more powerful than the other and gets the upper hand. The two teams then collide, and the more robust team wins.

Summoner's Rift

The rift is a standard map that the professionals play on to climb the rank ladder.

LoL Champion Basics

According to League, there are about 150 unique champions to choose from, each having its distinct strengths and weaknesses. Choose the character that you most resonate with to help move forward in the game.

At the beginning of the game, each new account receives temporary access to a small cadre of champions to get comfortable with the game. After moving ahead a few levels, players start getting access to a weekly rotating cast of ten free champions.

Use a combination of the mouse and keyboard to control your champions. The mouse controls movement: move and attack - right-click, and select - left-click. Each champion has access to five exclusive abilities: mapping four actives to the Q-W-E-R keys and one passive (requiring no input).


Along with selecting the suitable champions for yourself, you will also need to choose a lane and your team to play in. For new players, the team will pick a lane, and you will join automatically.



League of Legends Build

Generally, an LoL build refers to the items your champion buys throughout the game and the order in which you buy them.

Items fall into two categories within a build, i.e., core and situational. Essentially, every League of Legends Support item will come into either of these categories depending upon the type of champion you select.

These items include Doran's Blade, Bami's Cinder, Redemption, Zeke's Convergence, Moonstone Renewer, and many more. Also, runes and summoner's spells are a part of the build.


Runes customize champions as per the player's style preference. These include primary things like increased damage to off-center things like the ability to steal consumable goods and gold from the enemy champions.

There are currently five different rune trees:

          Precision: Based on a player's skill and mechanics, it gives speed and damage

          Domination: Pure damage to go all-in

          Sorcery: Enhances the abilities and ability to sling spells of mages

          Resolve: Tanky runes benefitting high-health champions

          Inspiration: To break the rules of the game

Summoner's Spells

Additionally, each player chooses two summoner spells to take into the game with their champion's unique abilities. Summoner spells are extremely dominant spells that can teleport a player across the map, provide a burst of healing, or break crowd control.

The player's account starts with a handful of elemental summoner spells, and they keep gaining more as they level up. Beginners should opt for Ghost spell (the ability to go fast) and Heal spell (spell that can save someone's life.)



Professional League

LoL boasts one of the most dynamic professional scenes in eSports. Fans interested in seeing League played at its highest level can watch it for free on various Twitch channels. There is a professional circuit available in almost every region.

Fans can get the essential information for these leagues at Riot's eSports website and the League of Legends YouTube channel.


Winding Up

If you have made it till here, you, my friend, are hooked. Welcome to the League of Legends World!!

LoL is a lot of fun but can be very complicated initially as it is an intense game with a lot of information to take in and understand. To start with, you can sign up for a League of Legends account to try the pre-game. Give some time to keep playing and exploring, and gradually you will ace the game!

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