3 Major mistakes that Solo-Queue players make in lower tiers in League of Legends

Solo-Queue is an unique experience to every League of Legends player, and there are many things that can happen in the game. We will have good and bad games, but most of the time we will remember the bad games.

Players try to copy LCS strategies and tactics
Even though at a first look, you might think it’s the same game , you couldn’t be more wrong. Playing Solo-queue is very different than playing the game as a team at a high level; There are many differences between the two of them which we will elaborate in the next lines: 
• The number of kills in a team game is way lower than in a solo-queue game. That means that in a team game you can afford to play champions that scale later in the game, while in a solo-queue game, assassin champions that would otherwise not be picked in competitive scene will be able to survive the laning phase and then roam, making the game look one-sided after they get some kills. So trying to copy Alex Ich playing Karthus in LCS will not work most of the time in solo-queue, since the enemy midlaner can just go roam and get a few kills on other lanes while you are forced to stay on mid due to the champions overall immobility.
• LCS teams and teams that play on a high level usually have an overall game plan, this game plan will affect the ban phase, pick phase, selecting summoner spells and runes. So trying to blindly copy those things in a solo-queue game without taking in consideration what the enemy team plays is one mistake that haunts solo-queue players since the competitive scene started. 
• The communication between team members is also a big factor in a team’s synergy. In LCS games invading and ganking is a bit different than solo-queue; While in solo-queue games ganks and invades seem a bit random, in a LCS you have people that communicate through Skype and make them look flawless. As a jungler you might want to ward your entrances in the jungle, because if you’re gonna get invaded, pinging might not be enough to make the other lanes help you.

Testing champions in Ranked games
The Solo-queue game experience has changed a lot from season one. In the past League of Legends barely had 70 champions, now there are over 120 of them. This development changed the solo-queue game experience drastically. In season one , every lane had 2 or 3 viable champions that you could play, meaning that if you wanted to win a game you had to pick one of those champions; Playing the same champion made people focus more on learning the game overall rather than learning a particular champion.
Nowadays many players will tend to blame the champion for their inability to win a lane or carry a game, and they might pick the next game what is so called “Over powered ” champions, even if they have no idea how to play that champion. Doing so, they are prone to fail, creating a bad experience for the people involved in the game, which further creates a chain reaction, making other people to be toxic in their next games that they play.

Winning arguments is more important than winning games
Arguing with people is a normal thing to do, players that have different opinions actually help the game grow in the long run. It creates different strategies and different ways to approach the game. We’re not talking about the constructive argumentation, but rather the one that is corrosive and toxic. These toxic arguments that happen ingame will decrease the team’s chance of winning the game for the following reasons:
• You will focus more on the argument rather than focusing on the game
• The argument usually becomes personal, and no matter who is right, you or him, will never admit it
• You will focus more on their plays and blame them for the mistakes they do rather than looking at your own mistakes and trying to correct them
• Even if you will win the argument against a team mate, he won’t just suddenly improve his game

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