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Learn more about's Terms of Service. By using our Elo Boosting Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.

Terms and Conditions :
1.1.1. Please be aware and make sure you read every terms and conditions and accept them before you use our service, these terms and conditions states all the legal rules and functions of the service you need to know. This being said You, our customer, accept that by using our service you are aware of all the terms and conditions and that You are fully aware of all the content on this document before purchasing our Service.
1.1.2. If by any motive you do not accept our terms and conditions make sure you contact us (using the “Contact Us” area in this website), so we can discuss your reasons and motives why you do not accept the Terms and Conditions of Lol-eloboosting.
1.1.3. The service Lol-eloboosting is hosted under the website and by no other site or service under this name is directed to any of Lol-eloboosting, services and has no direct connection to Lol-eloboosting.
1.1.4. Any and all of the unauthorized employees are not permitted under any circumstance to purchase any service from this website or from us or any direct affiliate in any way shape or form. The customer or attempted customer fully considers and accepts all risks and agrees to defend, hold harmless, and compensate Lol-eloboosting, for any allegations made by the unauthorized and any affiliate regarding to this or any transaction in regards the use of the intellectual property owned by the unauthorized.
1.1.5. Lol-eloboosting, makes no representations in regards to the use, ownership, or transfer of Riot Games', or their affiliate's, intellectual property and the customer is fully aware of that case.
1.1.6. The content on this site and all extensions of this site is shown as is and without a warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. To the fullest extent allowed in regards to the law, Lol-eloboosting, reject all warranties implies or expressed, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. In relation to all services, Lol-eloboosting is only providing a service to the customer; no goods, property, or any extension of a physical product are being sold by Lol-eloboosting. Lol-eloboosting, makes no claim to the title regarding any of the unauthorized intellectual property and are simply acting as a third-party transferee of the property among the unauthorized and the customer; once the payment is received by Lol-eloboosting, and the promised services are completed by the aforementioned, the customer will take Lol-eloboosting’s place as a user of unauthorized intellectual property to the limit allowed by the unauthorized. At the end of any transaction between the customer and Lol-eloboosting, the customer will assume that Lol-eloboosting, functions merely as a licensee of the unauthorized to use its intellectual property and grants Lol-eloboosting, indemnity from the entire business dealing. Lol-eloboosting, claims no title to any intellectual property interests held by the unauthorized nor the customer; and except those, if any, granted by the unauthorized, no intellectual properties are being transferred to the customer by Lol-eloboosting, from any transaction.
1.1.7. Lol-eloboosting, reserves the right to change or alter any site conditions, terms, or policies with or without any present or prior notification to the clients, members, and visitors to as well as our respective extensions. It is the sole responsibility of the aforementioned to pay close attention to any alterations, changes, removals or additions to the clauses and rules written in the terms and conditions. By purchasing any service that Lol-eloboosting, offers on or outside of it, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions as a whole.
1.1.8 League of Legends is a registered trademark of Riot Games, Inc. Lol-eloboosting is in no way affiliated with, associated with or endorsed by Riot Games, Inc.
2. Customers Duties and Rights when using or looking forward to use our Service :2.1. Customer Duties :
2.1.1. Lol-eloboosting is not associated with Riot Games or any unauthorized entity in any way, shape, or form. Lol-eloboosting, warns any customer or potential customer to refrain from violating, infringing, or making any illegal action in regards the intellectual property rights of Riot Games or any unauthorized entity.
2.1.2. By entering our website, or any extension of this site, or our facebook page or any forum related to our service, and looking at any content within the site(s), Forum(s) or information concerning Lol-eloboosting, you declare under penalty of perjury and under the laws of any country under the Europe Union Laws, that you are not employed or affiliated with Riot Games and their respective affiliates and subsidiaries.
2.1.3. By using our or any Service included under Lol-eloboosting, You, customer accept and known all the legal rights, and that You, customer, are aware that by purchasing any Service under the Lol-eloboosting, services you known what you are paying for, and that the Service you are paying for matches your in-Game information.
2.1.4. You, customer accept that and if Lol-eloboosting, is aware of the amount of wins/LP you purchase does not match the exact division you currently have under your summoner Name, You, customer accept and authorize the Service to be done to the real division you are in, for example if you Purchase a Boost Service of 20 wins in silver 4 and you are currently in silver 2 you will be boosted to the exact proportion of the prices in these divisions, so the Service will count as amount of wins*x/y x=division you bought elo in y=division you are currently in.
2.1.5. You, customer accept that by buying our Service you are aware that you cannot dispute any purchase with Lol-eloboosting after the Service is done or the service has been partially completed, and that you as a customer cannot violate the rules of ChargeBacks stipulated in any payment method provided by Lol-eloboosting.
2.1.6. You, customer accept that by buying our Service and by the time the Service ends if You, customer claim the purchase money back, that there will be Consequences referring to the Law stated under any Europe Union Country, and that you accept any penalty that Lol-eloboosting may apply to you.
2.1.7. You, customer accept that losing League Points due to your log ins goes on your responsibility even dropping from promotion series due to mentioned reason, and that the boosters Reserve the right to change your masteries and runes, and that You, customer accept that booster may use Influence Points you may have and the ones they may win in their pursuit to complete the Service as well as buying Champions and Runes.
2.1.8. You, customer accept that you won't be playing any promotion games and that if you do we reserve the right to announce the boost as completed, also in case that you play some games during promotion we reserve the right to just play promotion series without making in guaranteed.
2.1.9 You, the customer, accept that if you play any ranked games while having bought a division or a tier boost from us, we reserve the right to stop the service and announce the boost as complete, with no refunds offered.
2.1.10 You, the customer, accept that if your LP gain is below 12 lp per win in any division other than the first division you purchased, you either have to pay extra determined by the boosting calculator, or we will convert your order into wins following the per win calculator on our site. For example, if you bought silver 3-gold 5 and your lp gain is below 12 lp per win in silver division 2 or 1, you have the choice to convert to wins or pay extra.
2.1.11 You, the customer, accept that once your purchase has gone through and the service has started, you are no longer eligible to receive a refund. If service is not completed by Lol-eloboosting you have the right to receive store credit fitting what is missing from your service.
2.1.12 You, the customer, accept that if you start a chargeback you are in direct breach of Lol-eloboosting’s terms of use, and legally bound to either close the chargeback or pay back the same amount in addition to a fee determined by Lol-eloboosting, no less than $50 and no more than twice the original amount. Should you fail to abide by either option, you, the customer, accept full liability in a court of law as determined by the European Trade Laws.
2.1.13 You, the customer, accept that if you open a claim after the order has gone through or the service has started or been completed, you are in direct breach of Lol-eloboosting’s terms of use, and legally bound to either close the claim or pay back the same amount in addition to a fee determined by Lol-eloboosting, no less than $50 and no more than three times the original amount if the order placed cost more than $50. Should you fail to abide by either option, you, the customer, accept full liability in a court of law as determined by the European Trade Laws.
2.1.14 You, the customer, accept that once your purchase has gone through and a booster has been assigned, you are no longer eligible to receive a refund. If service is not completed by Lol-eloboosting you have the right to receive store credit fitting what is missing from your service.
2.1.15 You, the customer, accept that your bill will be sent to a debt collectors agency if you charge back a payment for a service that has been completed, and you accept that you will have to pay extra fees covering both the collectors agency and any other unforeseen costs in regards to your chargeback.
2.1.16 When purchasing an order you are eligible for a refund within 48 hours of it's purchase, this applies if the a booster did not start working in your account within the giving time. You can request this refund directly through email, [email protected] or Live Customer Support.
2.1.17 Orders that were not completed within the giving season duration are processed accordingly with point 2.1.16. In the giving case of a booster proceeding to start it but not being able to finish it within season time, we will issue a partial refund, accordingly.
2.2. Customer Rights :
2.2.1. Customers Reserve the right to watch and spectate any game during the process and ask any doubts only directly to Lol-eloboosting Contacts.
2.2.2. Customers Reserve the right when applying to a Duo queue Service or a Coaching Service the privilege of specific language to communicate while applying the Service, taking in consideration our available languages, and if in any case the language is not available, to ask for a translator.
2.2.3. Customers Reserve the right to purchase the Service of Elo Boost, Duo Queue's and Coaching held by Lol-eloboosting, consisting in the rise of the amount of elo, the number of duos queues or the number of hours to coach selected under the Summoner Name that customer provided in the Web Form that Lol-eloboosting, gives after the payment is done, if and only after reading the terms and conditions the customer is qualified to apply to the service.
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