Professional Coaching

Why is coaching helpful? Why should I get coaching? provides a wide selection of coaches with immense knowledge and understanding of League. These coaches will help identifying your weaknesses and strengths, turning you into a better player. If you want your coaching to be centered around your main role, you can choose a coach who mains the role as well. We have coaches from all around the world to break the so-called “language barrier”, all this thought out for you to find a coach who speaks your language so you can start getting better. Once your coaching order comes in, you can talk to your coach and set up a schedule. We guarantee that you will learn and master what your coach knows, every skill and mechanic that he uses, you will too! You’ll notice your improvement right off the bat. With our coaching, you can go from any ELO up to diamond or beyond and that’s our ultimate goal, to make you the best player you can be.

Who are the coaches? What can they offer to me?

League of Legends is THE most popular game in the world and it’s growth won’t stop anytime soon. The meta game can switch from week to week due to constant changes made to the game, these changes may make you feel overwhelmed and fatigued from constantly having to learn the game again with every patch. This is the reason we’ve made our coaching available. Like any other sport, if you want to be the very best version of yourself, someone that can give you a different point of view is absolutely necessary, that is where our coaches come in. They can and will help you notice certain aspects of the game you weren’t aware existed, as well as giving you pointers on how to progress as a League player. By playing the game for over 5 years, our coaches know the game like the back of their hands, not only in solo queue experience but also in competitive play. They are masters at what they do and want to spread their knowledge of the game to all players who have a hard time trying to climb. Your ELO does not matter, our coaches will help you get better, even if you’re in low elo or diamond. To become better and dominate every game, you need to train with the best, so don’t struggle with another 40 minute match, get a coaching session and start your way to the top.

Professional Boosting

What is League of Legends? What is elo boosting about?

League of Legends ranked system consists of 9 tiers with 4 divisions each. Said system was designed so players would get matched at an even skill level, creating balanced games. Due to LoL being a 5 v 5 games, this design starts showing off it’s flaws and everyone can tell by the defective matchmaking we all know. It’s because of these small errors that some players have a difficult time sometimes reaching the ELO they belong to, this is one of the many reasons League Boosting exists, we offer a solution to an everyday problem to LoL players.

How can I proceed? What can you offer to me?

The process is pretty straightforward, we offer various services that fit your needs. All you need to do is select one of them and we’ll complete your order with ease. Our team of boosters is made up by high elo players who were selected after reviewing their performance in their own elo and a long application process. These are experienced players who will do whatever they can to take that win. When you buy a league boost, one of our boosters will pick up your order and start playing on it almost immediately (all the information you give us during the order is completely confidential and there is 0 risk involved when it comes to your personal data.) Completion time can differ depending on the order you just placed, we guarantee a division per day at the very least. You can also check your order progress from your custom dashboard which you will find on our “Members Area”, which you will have access once your order is placed. If you want to, you can pause your order and play normal games with your friends, to do so, you need to press the “Pause” button and that’s it! Your assigned booster will not play on your account until you unpause said order.

Why should I get LoL elo boosting?

There are a lot of reasons you’d want to get a League Boost. If you feel like you’re stuck in an ELO that you don’t deserve, then can help you out. Buy a boost and let a high elo player take care of the worst part of your climb, no more inting or trolling, you will get to the tier you want and playing with better players in no time at all.