League of Legends: Wild Rift New Patch 2.0


If you’re an advent consumer of League of Legend Wild Rift news, you must know that the new patch 2.0 is here. News has it that Wild Rift began its new ranking season on January 8, 2021. If you’re looking for updates, given below are all the patch notes for the Leagues of Legend Wild Rift 2.0 version.


New Champions

The most exciting additions to the game are the five new champions from Bandle City. Below is a lift of all the newly added characters in Wild Rift.

·         Lulu

·         Teemo

·         Tristana

·         Corki

·         Kennen

The addition of Teemo long-teased, and with the new patch, the player will finally be able to play with this character. Lulu's addition will bring about many changes in the not lane meta. Lulu's excellent denying burst will pose a considerable shift in Wilf Rift. However, the game will get Yordle support, which will make team fight tactics much more enjoyable.

Tristana is an ADC who shoots cannons and can reset her jumps effortlessly. She will undoubtedly turn up the level of the bot lane meta. Mennen and Teemo will fulfill the lack of top lane characters in Wild Rift. They will make it easy to encounter Darius and will add more diversity to the game. Corki is a ranged AD champion who will add variety to the champion selection in Wild Rift.


New Features

The 2021 new patch of leagues of Legend Wild Rift adds some interesting features, which are explained as follows.

Party Finder

Even though the solo queue will remain as an option, the party finder feature will add more variety to the game. This feature will help players looking for teams and forming unknown allies at a higher level.

Latency Indicator

A network indicator replaces the latency indicator on the homepage of the game. This indicator allows the players to get a better idea of the ping they will be getting in the game.

Social Sharing

Social sharing will encourage more players to improve their statistics. Players will be allowed to share their achievements and statistics on their social media accounts.

Map Description

The addition of a comprehensive map will allow players to get a better understanding of their surroundings. Players will be able to explore the Summoner’s Rift in delicate detail.

Tutorial Optimization

Before players engage in gameplay, they will be allowed to understand the game through the many tutorials better.


Other Additions

The game's leadership board will now update every ten to fifteen minutes, adding competition into the gameplay. The social interaction and other misc categories will also be enhanced through improved chat filters and significant UX changes.



According to the patch notes available for the 2.0 update, players can expect to see some major changes in Wild Rift in 2021. This new patch is perfect for adding social interactions and gameplay variety into Wild Rift. The game seems to be moving in the right direction. With more patch updates such as this, the game will improve and move towards a more polished future. 

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