Why Is League Of Legends Wild Rift Getting So Popular?


Riot Games' League of Legends Wild Rift is a mobile version of the famous PC game. It has already been called "the finest MOBA game on smartphones."

Well, this gives you an idea of how popular the game is already. Next, we'll look at some download stats and other user acquisition techniques to see how successful this League of Legends build has been in such a short period since its introduction.

What Is League of Legends?

Let's go through a quick League Wiki. League of Legends has been a massive hit on PC since its release in 2010, and now creator Riot Games is bringing it to mobile devices. The mobile version of League of Legends Wild Rift isn't a pure transfer of the PC game. Instead, the game has been redesigned from the bottom up for mobile devices, providing players with a well-rounded experience regardless of whatever platform they choose.

"Our main goal was to provide a true League experience on new platforms. We realized we had to make some tweaks to the game, the champs, and the controls to deliver on that promise to players fully," Brian Feeney, Wild Rift's design director, said in an interview.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Downloads by Country

Users downloaded League of Legends Wild Rift over 38 million times less than six months after its debut. It's an excellent outcome in such a short period. A tremendous significant increase in downloads occurred in December, immediately after the publication, when downloads hit over 10 million. So, it was a promising start.

Following that, there was a drop in downloads. However, it does not indicate that the game is complete in terms of user acquisition. It is common for downloads to vary. There was another surge in downloads following the March release in the United States.

So far, most downloads have come from Brazil, the Philippines, South Korea, and other Asian nations. You might be shocked to learn that the United States is not on this list. It is because Riot Games only recently launched the game there.


How Interesting Is League of Legends Wild Rift?

The mobile version of League of Legends, like the PC version, has been tailored to be user-friendly for newcomers while still providing a rich and fulfilling growth arc for veterans.

This mobile version of a famous PC game migrated surprisingly well. The controls are intuitive, and the League of Legends guide makes it simple for beginners to get started. However, if you're beginning, you may need to study the characters you encounter along the way since you won't be getting that sort of training on everyone.

If you've previously played League of Legends on PC, you should know that it will not transfer your progress and possessions. Wild Rift should be one of the greatest free Android games available as long as the inviting environment remains after the game is out of beta.

Why Is League of Legends Wild Rift So Popular?

While sponsored user acquisition delivers the vast majority of players to a mobile game, developers must not overlook organic user acquisition. It's a low-cost but successful method of increasing downloads. Continue reading to obtain a deeper understanding of League of Legends' organic user acquisition approach.

1.     Using Creatives to Reach Target Audience

When designing mobile game creatives, it's essential to think about gamer motivations, interests, age, and gender.

The primary audience for League of Legends Wild Rift is Generation Z and Millennials, primarily men. As a result, the creatives must be lighthearted, youthful, and hip. A slow-paced, soothing commercial with piano music would not appeal to these consumers.

For example, one of Wild Rift's key selling points is its vast array of playable heroes and thrilling 5v5 strategic warfare. So, Riot Games' use of both in their advertisements makes sense. They are, of course, mainly aimed towards gamers that enjoy MOBA games.

It involves targeting players with a particular interest in gaming characters, skills, powers, and upgrades. They are also targeting gamers who enjoy 5v5 fights and the multiplayer component of the game.

2.     Combining Cinematic and Gameplay Footage in Commercials

While Riot Games incorporates cinematic moments into League of Legends advertisements, most creatives also contain gameplay videos. That is an excellent strategy.

Cinematic sequences look fantastic and make advertisements more intriguing. Furthermore, there is little question that they attract a large number of new gamers. Because it also increases the risk of players getting disappointed once they download League of Legends.

So that's a fact to keep in mind! If you want to add cinematic moments, at the very least, splice them together with gameplay video, as we've seen in LoL advertisements. Your creatives will still look great, but you will avoid deceiving gamers.

3.     An Intriguing Website

One might not consider the website of a game to be very significant for user acquisition. But, believe us, if done correctly, it may significantly increase downloads.

The League of Legends Wild Rift website is an excellent example of this. It acts as the game's major information center. So, if you have any questions about the game, you'll most likely find answers on League of Legends support.

Anyone can easily find a game trailer, app store links, newsletter registration, updates, and news on the main page. As you scroll down, the main page will display the key game features and benefits one by one.

Everything is aesthetically attractive. We believe that many individuals who visit LoL's website will feel compelled to test the game.

4.     Social Media Strategy

All four social media accounts provide various League of Legends guides, including champion videos, incredible League of Legends skins, wallpapers, updates and news, dev diaries, and more.

Music videos are the most popular League of Legends content (on both the PC and mobile versions). K/DA performs the song with a fictitious female pop trio made up of LoL characters. POP/STARS, their debut single, has 430 million views on YouTube.

Concluding Thoughts

As a result, it's no wonder that Wild Rift has a high level of interaction across all platforms. All of this dramatically promotes organic user acquisition. It also keeps existing gamers interested.

We've reached the end of our League of Legends Wild Rift investigation. Even though Wild Rift is still relatively young, it is apparent that it is already a hugely popular game. Moreover, this MOBA game may teach developers a lot about user acquisition.

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