Wild Rift Support Champions Ranked From Best To Worst


When Riot dropped Wild Rift, thousands of worldwide players instantly caught one to one traits of the game, in particular. The mobile game gives utmost importance to support champions in stark contrast to its PC counterpart, LoL.

As such, support champions are among the more dynamic in the game. Unlike other roles, support doesn’t come with a strict meta. Instead, it has multiple options that are equally applicable.

Victory essentially depends on making the most out of your support pick and their abilities. So, the question is, which champion do you choose? To help you determine the answer, we’ve compiled a comprehensive tier list  League of Legends: Wild Rift support champions!

Have you been playing an S-tier champion or a B-tier one? Dive right in to find out!


LoL: WR Support Champion Tier List

Wild Rift may have League of Legends champions, but they’re a whole lot different than in the PC version. Likely due to the mobile version being smaller, several champions have entirely different abilities.

Here are the Wild Rift support champions ranked from best to worst!


S-Tier Engage Supports - Braum And Galio

Braum, a traditional support champion, will only be as powerful as the team he is supporting. That said, he does an excellent job of keeping the said team safe. Not only is Braum versatile, but he serves as a top-tier lane partner.

For instance, his passive, Concussive Blow, albeit passive, is a favorite among players. After all, the ability lets him and a teammate stun any opponent they tap once. At the same time, players can use his shield to nullify several potent abilities.

What’s more: his ultimate, usable-from-any-angle ability, can truly change the game!

In contrast, Galio, technically being a mage, is a more unconventional support champion. Along with an undeniably strong kit, Galio has base damage numbers that are insane. Utility, ability to engage, and peel are just a few other traits that make him excellent for support.

Galio’s ultimate, Hero’s Entrance, also makes moving around the map and dealing damage incredibly easy. For that reason, he’s a great pick as a midlaner.


S-Tier Enchanters - Nami And Seraphine

While Nami and Seraphine both top the list of amazing enchanters, it’s for different reasons. Nami is a textbook support enchanter. To begin with, her heal comes with an extra shield, which is super-handy in the laning phase. Her Aqua Prison is incredibly powerful during this phase, and chaotic team fights too.

Nami’s passive Movespeed buffs are also significant due to the map's restricted nature. Dealing with an astonishing amount of damage, Nami deserves respect, especially in lane.

Seraphine, on the other hand, is a more peculiar pick for support. However, that doesn’t make her any less effective for the role and in mid too! Easy peels, effortless pokes, and huge plays are a part of Seraphine’s arsenal.

However, her ultimate, Encore, is by far her strongest ability. As such, Seraphine will continue to be top tier unless a couple of major nerfs come her way.


A-Tier Engage Supports -  Blitzcrank And Alistar

Blitzcrank is one champion suitable for any player, regardless of skill levels. He may not have the best engage, but he more than makes up for it with his unbelievably powerful Rocket Grab.

Rest assured, even if Blitzcrank misses every hook in the laning phase, landing just one can be a game-changer. Possessing a single ability with that amount of power makes him a prime choice for competitive play.

Alistar’s CC combo and Ignite abilities make him a favorite among players for pressuring opponents. Besides, he has a hard-to-miss teamfight presence, ideal for annoying enemies.

Blitzcrank and Alistar are both undoubtedly powerful and capable of attaining victory through playmaking prowess. That said, they are a tad one-dimensional, putting them in A-tier.


A-Tier Enchanters - Lux And Lule

Lux is among the few actual mages playing support. Players will find that the majority of her abilities are similar to what she brings to mid-lane. With her damage combo, Lux can eliminate targets while using her range to stay safe.

Also extremely valuable is her shield, letting her pick up and use exceptional support items to their fullest. Lux is also capable of a carry when the ADC isn’t doing its job.

Lulu, the first enchanter, looks a tad different compared to her PC appearance. That said, her abilities are largely identical. Lulu is the queen when it comes to dealing with pesky assassins and their poisons.

A hard CC, shields, and Wild Growth to keep allies safe from imminent danger make Lulu an excellent support pick. Players will also find she has amazing poke in the laning phase, adding to her versatility.


B-Tier Engage Supports -Rakan And Leona

Rakan and Leona can be excellent supports situationally. While these two come with strengths, they also have several shortcomings, putting them in B-tier.

Rakan is a more flexible support champion. Despite having a statline reminiscent of an enchanter, Rakan’s kit makes his role clear. Rakan’s playstyle is all about entering, wreaking havoc, and escaping.

However, escaping is easier said than done, given the amount of damage Wild Rift champions tend to deal. As such, Rakan isn’t the best pick unless provided adequate space to dominate.

Leona, though, is a classic engage support, dealing serious damage and providing lockdown. When played to her full potential, Leona can lock down enemies easily. That said, she doesn’t have sufficient early game pressure and could get poked out of lane.


B-Tier Enchanters - Sona And Janna

Sona and Janna may be the traditional enchanter supports, but there’s no denying they’re among the weakest of the bunch. Not only is their healing subpar, but it is easily countered. As such, they’re pretty inefficient when facing high-damage threats, essentially every other Wild Rift champion.

That said, they do have some value. Sona, for instance, is incredibly underrated since she is a scaling support. Sona gets more powerful as the game proceeds because she purchases items to amplify spells for spamming with time.

While Sona does need good positioning to move through games, she can perform miracles. However, being easily countered with 1000 gold, Sona is far less efficient than Seraphine.

Janna is equally good in Wild Rift as she is in League of Legends on Mac or PC. While reliable for protecting allies, she doesn’t offer much else.



With several Twitch League of Legends streamers jumping into Wild Rift games, its popularity will only explode.

So, locking down your favorite League of Legends champions and their abilities ahead of time is essential for some god-tier gameplay. And with support playing such a critical role in the game, you don’t want to miss out on mastering the tier list League of Legends champions!


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