Wild Rift 2021: A Comprehensive Guide


If you are a fan of League of Legends, 2021 may become the best year for you. For every battle arena games loving fan, riot games dropped an amazing announcement about their upcoming launch. League of Legends: Wild Rift became the talk of the town. Riot games claimed that they would recreate the same thrilling experience of their flagship game on mobile and other handheld devices.

There will be some tweaks in the original gameplay experience, but the majority of it will remain the same. However, nobody has had a full gameplay experience yet as the beta version is live in only a few countries. Riot games are all set to launch the game in early 2021, and we are expecting the game to go global by March.


Wild Rift Beta

LOL Wild Rift Beta version came down as a relief for those people who have been biting their nails since Riot Games made their announcement. The beta version hinted towards a shorter duration of the games at around 15-20 minutes. This is done to ensure smoother gameplay for mobile users. A normal game on personal computers and laptops usually takes around 40 minutes.

The game is also optimized for smaller mobile phones so that nobody misses out on the fun. The champions are slowly getting transported into the mobile version with some important tweaks. There will also be some new mobile-optimized maps that the users are eagerly waiting for.

The beta version was rolled out in some countries, but there were some issues with that. There have been many beta rounds ever since to provide the people with an impeccable offering.

There were some reports of false push notifications from the beta versions, but Riot Games was quick to clarify all these things.


Wild Rift Features and Gameplay

The gameplay remains very identical to the main game. There will be a lot of buttons on the right side of the screen to use various options. The movement of the champion will be handled from the left side of the screen.

These controls will go through various rounds of scrutiny before the final product is out. There will be some extended camera settings so that the payers can ambush with the same intensity. The camera settings will also provide the players with aid to their defense strategies.

The tweaks in the champions' controls are to primarily adjust them with the twin-stick mode. Some users who have played the beta version say that the champions adjust well to these settings.

Like the normal league of legends game, players will have to earn their champions by playing the game. They will have the option to unlock more and more as they move further ahead. There will also be an option to buy champions with the in-game currency that the players can opt to purchase. Riot games aim to add a few more champions with each update.


Wild Rift Specifications and Unlocks

Owing to some of the voracious gamers and leaks accounts on Twitter, a lot of specifications have been made clear about the game. There are very minimal requirements for the game to run. Android mobile phones will require a minimum of 1.5 GB RAM for the game to run along with a 410 Snapdragon processor. For iPhones, iPhone 6 and above will be able to support the game.

Some of the new beta version updates have upgraded the basic requirements for iPhone, but these may come down until the final launch. There has been no conclusive information from Riot Games yet, and that is why no bold statements have been made. All these quirks about the game have been extracted from the limited beta gameplay.

The ladder to climb upwards remains identical to the league of legends. There are a couple of ways to go about it. You move upwards from the iron rank to the emerald rank by gaining a rank mark after every victory. However, every defeat that you endure takes one ranked mark away. As you move away, you will also have a fortitude meter, which will protect the ranked marks.

For the people who are at the diamond level and above, a victory point system is set in place. You can assemble in either a single or a multiplayer party, and then you will be matched with similarly ranked players.


Wild Rift Price and Release Date

Wild Rift was initially introduced in October 2019. This was done on the occasion of celebrating 10 years of the league of legends. As previously mentioned above, there has been no official date that has been announced by Riot Games, but everyone is expecting the game to hit Europe around February.

Riot games were successful with the hype based marketing technique as more and more people got in the loop. The craze for the game is skyrocketing, and Riot Games is all set to bag in a fortune.

However, it is very unlikely for the company to charge anything in the beginning. The gameplay is anticipated to be free of cost like the original league of legends game. There will be micro-transactions to unlock cash and champions. Users will also have the option to buy other perks using these micro-transactions.

Riot Games made a statement saying that no champions will be available through micro-transactions. Players will have to endure the gameplay to unlock them. With the recent issues with the in-app purchase department, Riot Games might hold the micro-transactions until the dust settles.


Final Words

Riot Games is all set to conquer the mobile gaming market with this much-awaited release of theirs. If you have had the pleasure of accessing the beta version, you already know how crazy it is going to be.

You can save this comprehensive guide and share it with all your friends to have all the information about League of Legends Wild Rift in one place. Let us hope that the game is worth all this wait!

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