League of Legends: Wild Rift Specs and Champions


The world's most prominent game, League of Legends, is all set to make its entry into your mobile phones. League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile game developed by Riot Games, maintaining a similar MOBA gameplay.

The closed beta version is released in a few countries, and many enthusiasts are still unaware of its gameplay experience. If you are among them, then you can acquire the same by knowing its features. Various traits and characters are included in the beta version of Wild Rift.

Here is the complete details of Wild Rift specifications and champions present in this game.


Wild Rift Specifications

Many users have shared their gaming experience on different platforms and figured out some necessary details of this game. This mobile version includes various redesigned champions and skins.

The gameplay is similar to that of the original League of Legends. The 5v5 MOBA action is still prevalent but includes a unique twist. The map is quite smaller, match times have become mobile-friendly, and includes dual-stick controls. You can get a match time of 15-minutes compatible with smartphones.

Wild Rift needs the following specs in a mobile. It is compatible with Android phones having 1.5 GB RAM, Snapdragon 410 chipset, 32-bit processor, and Adreno 306 GPU. In Apple phones, it is suitable for iPhone 6 and above.


Quick Summary of Ranked System

When it comes to the Ranked system, it is identical to the basic League of Legends tier. You can move from Iron to Challenger at the unlocking level of rank 10. In tiers below, Master includes four divisions, whereas, in the recent Emerald tier, the rounds revolve between Diamond and Platinum. This facilitates the proper distribution of players.

You can climb the Ranked ladder through two stages. You will gain a ranked mark after winning a match, but you will also sacrifice the mark after losing a match. This thing is present from the lower Iron tier to the Emerald Rank tier. However, there is no need to worry about losing the mark.

This is because when you start playing the game continuously, the Ranked Fortitude meter gets filled. It will protect against the one-point loss even after losing the match. So, start playing the game and collects as many points as to rank higher. The Diamond tier system is much identical to League of Legend's point system. It makes use of the Victory Point system and assigned a ranking as per the skills of the player.


Unlocking the Champions

Apart from the Ranked, the Riot is providing other modes in the game as well. Among all these modes introduced, the All Random All Mid or ARAM mode, which is expected to be released in the latter part of this year, has gained popularity with League PC.

According to the recent information, champions get unlocked only in two manners, i.e., micro-transactions and earning. In the beginning, players have to start playing with an introductory combination of basic champions that they achieve by playing the Wild Rift game and moving towards higher levels. Additionally, players also obtain in-game currency, known as 'blue motes,' that they can spend for unlocking extra champions while playing the game.

You also get a free champion rotation option in this game that allows you to utilize a specific roster of heroes that rotates automatically after a certain period of time.


Champions of Wild Rift

In the current beta version of the Wild Rift, more than 50 champions are available. Some of the classic League of Legends champions include Malphite, Nasus, and Annie. In the later releases, this list will further include Seraphine, Camille, and Yasuo. An interesting point to figure out is that every champion is entirely redesigned and created using creative thoughts. This means that all League of Legends skins will not be available at the time of launch.

You will be surprised to know that Riot Games has no intentions to introduce the complete package of more than 150 League of Legends roster to this mobile version of Wild Rift. In the beginning, the company has a plan to adopt only those champs that perfectly fit the modern control scheme. However, in the future, this situation can change further with the launch of mobile-only champs in this game.

In addition to all these things, Riot has planned to come up with two new champions every month. But is not totally clear whether all the introduced champs will get events. The first event may witness the launch of the Lunar Beast based on the theme of Lunar New Year. This event is can crossover the similar program in League PC. Miss Fortune, a hero, added to the Wild Rift champs, will attain a skin distinct to the mobile version.

If you want to dive into the pool of the champions that are already present in the open version and are likely to be launched with the game, then here is the champion list of some heroes from League PC: Amumu, Ashe, Alistar, Corki, Annie, Ahri, Darius, Garen, Jax, Janna, Kennen, Evelynn, Lee Sin, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Sona, Varus, Lulu, Draven, Tristiana, Zed, and many more.

This list of champions doesn’t end here. You will come across several champs in the future having unique structure and different skins. They will be the mobile champs that you can get simply with the mobile version of League of Legends.


Wrap Up

Now, you have known the entire information about the specifications, ranking system, and interesting champions of this all-new imagination of the most famous game, League of Legends. Riot has made a lot of efforts to re-design the skins and champions of this game and provide the players with the most amazing experience, even on their mobiles.

With the collaboration with the powerhouse of mobile gaming, Tencent Gaming, it is expected that this game will give a cut-throat competition to other games. A player will get an incredible result and experience with every move he/she made in this game.

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