League Of Legends Wild Rift: Best Champions For Beginners


Unless you're living under a rock, you know what League of Legends is about. With each League of Legends patch update, the League of Legends Worlds is becoming more popular, and the demand continues to spike north.

Riot has put in much effort translating the world's most popular online video game onto a mobile version. This compact representation of Summoner's Rift features some of League's most famous champions, as evidenced by the League of Legends wiki community.

The new League of Legends skins is more attractive, and the gameplay appears smooth. Wild Rift is a lot of fun to play. We doubt anyone expected Riot to do such a terrific job with the mobile version when unveiling it on 27th October 2020.

Nowadays, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular and accessible to players worldwide. Therefore, the League of Legends server is no longer limited to the LoL community's dedicated members online. 

If this is your first time creating a League of Legends account, you'll need to take your time getting acquainted with the game's mechanics. The game may appear simple initially, but you'll realize nothing is a cakewalk once you launch a match. Various objectives are scattered across the map, and all the League of Legends champions will be assigned specific tasks to complete.

If you want a proper League of Legends guide for a winning strategy, head to the official League of Legends YouTube channel or League of Legends wiki page for tips and tricks.

That being said, if you're new, these are the League of Legends champions you should start with.

1.    Garen 

For those who aren't sure what Baron Lane in Wild Rift is, it's the top lane equivalent from League of Legends. Be prepared to witness tanks and fighters in Baron Lane, most typically in intense 1v1 battles.

If you're new to Wild Rift and want to try Baron Lane, we recommend using Garen. Like LoL for PC, Garen is not a champion that requires a high level of skill to master. Also, he is frequently used by newcomers who are just getting acquainted with LoL's gameplay for the first time.

In Wild Rift, Garen keeps most of his simplicity and ability to play as both a tank and a damage dealer from LoL. So you can anticipate playing him as effortlessly as you did in LoL. Garen is still a fantastic choice for Baron Lane as his combos are easy to execute.

2.    Master Yi

Master Yi's versatility allows him to be built in various ways, like how he is used in League of Legends. His combinations are also simple to understand and easy to grasp quickly. This makes Master Yi even more effective than most other League of Legend champions.

He has excellent mobility and attacks and a lot of damage and strikes speed, integrated into his kit. In addition, his passive powers his subsequent attacks with 50% of his Attack Damage, making him one of the game's most damaging champions.

Once you begin piling up kills with Yi, you can practically control the entire game by yourself. But ensure to make intelligent decisions and determine when you can safely enter or quit a team fight.

3.    Sona

Sona's songs and psychic spells offer boosts to nearby allies. However, her nature as a Support/Mage is dependent on skill combination. Sona's Power Chord also provides a magic damage boost and an additional effect based on her third spell cast.

Under the hood of capabilities, she rocks damage, healing, a shield, and increased movement speed. In the Dragon Lane, that extra boost of damage heals or slows can swing the tide of a 2v2 fight.

Sona is a squishy champion whose opponents may quickly nuke because her ult has a broad range, making it easy to aim. When playing Sona, keep an eye on your location because she is an easy target for opponents.

4.    Blitzcrank

Looks can be deceiving, and Blitzcrank is a perfect example. Do not be fooled by his cheerful outward appearance. He is nothing less of a monster, serving as the best tank and support Champion. Some of his best accolades comprise a heavy-duty armor ultimate, knock-up possibilities, and the incredible potential attack. Blitzcrank makes up for an ideal Champion for Baron Lane.

With a damage-absorption field that CDs every minute, his Mana Barrier (Passive) provides him with additional defenses. Meanwhile, his Overdrive (S2) boosts his strike speed, allowing him to perform more lethal combos.

His Rocket Grab (S1) can draw opponents closer to him, while his Power Fist (S3) deals a critical knock-up hit. Finally, his Ultimate Static Field identifies enemies for catastrophic damage over time, making it ideal for team engagements.

5.    Vayne

Last but certainly not least, Vayne, the monster hunter. Vayne uses her abilities as a marksman and assassin in Wild Rift. She will stop at nothing to seek vengeance. Capable of dealing with a lot of physical damage, she also has tons of burst, stuns, and AOE damaging abilities.

When engaging Champions, Vayne moves faster with Night Hunter (Passive). This ability pairs well with Tumble (S1), as the dash increases the damage of her next attack by 40%. Furthermore, her Silver Bolts (S2) can either increase her damage or speed up her attack with emergency healing. Condemn (S3) is also a helpful knockdown ability.

Finally, her Final Hour (Ultimate) boosts her base attack while also improving her Passive and S1, enhancing her battle capabilities. 


In a Nutshell

For the time being, it concludes our tier list League of Legends. We haven't mentioned many League of Legends champions yet, but this should get you started.

Keep in mind that with the correct player in charge, any champion may be viable. So don't be afraid to test out some of the supposedly weaker characters ever.

We will recommend you keep yourself calm and take every failure as a learning curve. Most importantly, communicate with your teammates. Your win percentage of the League of Legends championship will improve regardless of the hero you choose if you practice enough.

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