Fnatic are Back-to-back Champions.

The VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo is over, and it was a defining tournament in the history of Valorant.

Tokyo played host to the VCT 2023 Masters from June 11–25. There were a total of twelve teams competing in the competition, which featured both a group stage and a double-elimination bracket for the top four teams. The new format boosted the Valorant competitive scene's popularity, as fans and players alike applauded the switch after hearing complaints about the single-elimination structure used in VCT LOCK//IN.

The victorious region of VCT LOCK//IN, EMEA, had two top seeds, while the Americas and Pacific each had one. These squads skipped the group stage altogether and went directly to the playoffs. After the first round, the remaining eight teams competed in a double-elimination group stage to decide the final four playoff teams.

Except for the semifinals and finals of the playoffs, which were best-of-five series, all games were played in a best-of-three format.

The Twisten - Rise Above the Disorder fund.

Ryan 'RyanCentral' Horton, an EMEA cast member and analyst, organized a donation campaign on June 15 in Twisten's name. Donations were solicited on a per-Shorty-kill or flat-rate basis during the VCT Masters Tokyo tournament.

Twisten's own charity endeavor over VCT LOCK//IN served as the inspiration for this campaign, with the pro donating over $1,000 from the 58 Shorty kills he scored during the tournament.

he proceeds will benefit Rise Above the Disorder, an organization working to expand access to mental health services.

Following Twisten's passing, many members of the Valorant community have promised to boost and support this initiative and financially contribute by keeping the donations going in future tournaments. In the wake of the unfortunate loss of their star player, Team Vitality withdrew from the VCT EMEA competition for the year out of respect for Twisten's colleagues and family.

Here are your VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo Champions.

On Sunday, Fnatic defeated Evil Geniuses 3-0 to claim victory in the final match of the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo. By doing so, they proved once again that they are still the unstoppable force they have always been in the Valorant scene while also becoming the first team in the game's history to win back-to-back worldwide championships.

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After an intense final match in the top bracket, Fnatic captain Jake 'Boaster' Howlett urged his squad to demonstrate "true dominance" against the Americas. While the final score was an undefeated win streak in the entire best-of-five series, the games were not completely one-sided. In a game reminiscent of Icebox's comeback against LOUD at VCT LOCK//IN, Fnatic even overcame a 4-10 disadvantage on Bind.

After the game, Fnatic's Leo 'Leo' Jannesson commented on what gave EMEA the victory over NA again:

“We just practice harder (than NA), we put in more hours. We got the extra spot for our region and it’ll show at Champions.”

Even though they lost, Evil Geniuses' near-Cinderella story is still impressive. The American team has minimal experience competing abroad, yet they managed to push Fnatic to the absolute limit!

In addition to Paper Rex, who finished third without their key player Ilya "something" Petrov, and EDward Gaming, who broke China's losing record by placing fifth and sixth, EG was one of the tournament's best teams to watch and left fans wanting more.

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