VALORANT: Year 1 Events And Rewards


With the advent of June, we have a whole year of VALORANT under our belts. The sensational online multiplayer video game may only be a year old, but almost everyone has become acquainted with it during this time.

Developed by the same studio behind League of Legends (LoL), the makers have outdone themselves as VALORANT enters its second year. But, of course, this does call for a month-long celebration, and Riot is doing precisely that.

Among other things, Riot has also launched a series of opportunities and events to celebrate its anniversary. VALORANT Y1 is one such event schedule, and it is up for grabs right now.

This article will deal with all kinds of VALORANT's anniversary-related events and rewards, so make sure you read it till the end to know about them all!


What is the VALORANT Y1 Pass?

The Y1 Pass is essentially a free package that anyone who plays VALORANT will be able to claim, including first-timers.

The Year 1 Pass is essentially a free bundle that players will claim, including some cosmetic items commemorating VALORANT's first birthday. This is a huge opportunity even for the players who couldn't afford the game pass and had to do with the free pistol skins granted after an arduous grind.

VALORANT's second year of fame commenced with the release of Act 1 of VALORANT's Episode 3. This particular episode is supposed to usher in a new era in the ever-expanding world of VALORANT.

By commemorating the year-long anniversary of the game's release in 2020, the YR1 event is Riot's way of thanking its fans. So without further ado, let us have a look at all the events that it covers.

1. The Night Market

The Night Market in VALORANT tries to provide the VALORANT family of gamers with low-cost skins in return for random weapons. Once you enter the event, the Night Market will choose a total of six skins that will be up for grabs.

These are Deluxe or Premium weapon skins and will be chosen at random. Even better, these skins will be available for purchase at a special and discounted price for all players too.

2. The Give Back Bundle

The Give Back Bundle contains those weapon skins that were initially voted upon by the gamers. The entire weapons collection currently available in the Give Back Bundle was chosen by the VALORANT community to be the best skins presently available.

If you choose to buy one such skin from the Give Back Bundle, your expenditure will go towards a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Social Impact Scheme started by Riot Games, a charity organized in collaboration with Impact Assets.

This bundle contains the following weapon skins:

       Elderflame Vandal

       Ion Operator

       VALORANT GO! Volume 1 Spectre

       The Hivemind Collection

       Reaver Vandal

       Reaver Sheriff

3. The Player Cards

The Player cards are images that are displayed as a cosmetic backdrop for any player's account. These cards are displayed in three different ways:

       The card is displayed as an icon or avatar when seen in their leader board or friends' tab.

       They appear as thumbnails/banners on the player's profile from the point of view of an enemy when killed.

       Lastly, they look like images close to a full portrait when the players enter a lobby.

The Y1 Player Cards Checklist contains a limited edition set to commemorate the three VALORANT episodes. You can get your money back by keeping a close tab on the following:

       First Episode – Keep a lookout for the drop in the cards.

       Second Episode – The Special Y1 Prime Drop is arriving on June 14.

       Third Episode – Collect these cards as a part of the Y1 event pass's inauguration.

4. The Community Battlepass

Players from various regions can choose from a variety of items that are tailored to their specific region. These items will be available exclusively through the Y1 event Community Battlepass.

Among a variety of items, some cosmetics include titles, gun buddies, and even sprays. Unfortunately, the Battlepass will not have any skins. However, since voting is already live, you can also choose your favorite items in the game.

Here is what you need to do for being able to vote:

       Load VALORANT

       Check the Titles on the in-game announcement

       Choose the option called Battlepass Voting

       Vote to choose your favorite items!

5 . Squad Boost

When you play with your friends, you will get more out of VALORANT, thanks to Y1 now! Also, gain more XP once you get your buddies together, as the Squad Boost will last from June 22 to July 6. Coincidentally, it coincides with your local Patch release too.

The bigger your party, the stronger boost you will get, so get as many people in as you can!

6. Account Levelling

Now that Episode 3 is here, you will get a brand new way to be recognized and rewarded for all your time spent playing VALORANT. To know-how and all to get all the other scoop, you would need to tune into the live stream.

7. Other Events

Y1 consists of some attractive off-game events as well, in addition to all their in-game ones. They are:

       Episode 3 Live Stream – Join a panel of content teams, agents, and competitive gamers as they come together to discuss Episodes, Y1, and the second year in general. Catch it live on Twitch on June 21!

       WWFest - The experimental art and music festival is all set to celebrate the YR1 party. Catch artists and headliners from all over the world for a great time.


Final Words

We don't see why you shouldn't take advantage of these freebies! So make your way over to VALORANT and finish the YR1 Pass to commemorate a year of action-packed fun.

With the release of Episode 3 and Act 1, there is now a plethora of new content for VALORANT players to explore. Make sure to check out our guides and other related information on the League of Legends Wiki and League of Legends Reddit channels too!

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