Riot Games has revealed Deadlock, the newest agent for Valorant, and it is understandable that players are concerned about the potential "instant win" of one of her skills.

The newest Norwegian sentinel for Valorant has a wide variety of skills at her disposal, many of which are designed to impede the movement of her foes.

Her ultimate is what has Valorant players talking the most, while she has a barrier that restricts movement in four directions, a net grenade that makes you crouch for the duration of the effect, and a sonar radar that ensures her adversaries will constantly have to stay silent, most gamers aren't worried about the amount of crowd control but at the huge power boost her kit gets in 1v1 scenarios, due to her Ultimate skill.

It's very easy to see why Deadlock's ultimate, Annihilation, has gotten so much attention from the community. If she tags an enemy agent with it, they will be paralyzed and slowly dragged to the location from which she fired, where they will die instantaneously.

Being hit by this is a guaranteed way to die in 1v1 scenarios; however, allies can shoot down the "cocoon" to save the comrade, so you're only choice is to keep a duo partner around at all times.

Deadlock, as seen in gameplay footage, may even attack from safe angles by bouncing her ult off of walls. The worst part is, if an enemy isn't hit by the beam, a sizable bubble will develop at the place of impact which can apply her ult's effect, meaning she doesn't even need a direct hit to execute a full-health enemy.

The community is a little agitated because, apart from (maybe) Raze's ult, 1v1 kills have never been this simple before.

Players immediately realized that Deadlock's ult would guarantee her victory in a one-on-one matchup, as she does not require a peek to land it.

TSM player Johann ‘seven’ Hernandez commented on Twitter:

"This cannot be the same game we’ve been playing for the last three years"

Dom'soulcas' Sulcas, a member of Team Liquid, has also shared his thoughts on Deadlock and the game's recent shift in direction when it comes to Agents:

"Starting to hate these ults where the game just unplugs ur keyboard and u just have to sit there and accept death most of the time"

While gamers from the Pro-scene might feel Deadlock's Ultimate ability is too boosted to be in the game, others were happy to see a shift in the gameplay mechanics of Valorant.

Riot Games' new Agents usually come from different countries, nodding to the fanbase in one way or another. Many Norwegian players were happy to see their home country represented this time around.

A few players also feel that it's fair for Deadlock to have a powerful Ultimate since the rest of her kit is very underwhelming.

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