Recent Banwave Catches Over 200 VALORANT Cheaters Off-Guard (And They Won't Be Missed)!

Everyone who's played even a single round of Riot Games' new shooter, VALORANT, can attest to the fact that Riot has created one of the most invasive anti-cheat platforms ever to combat the rampant FPS cheating trends afoot.


However, this never really deterred cheaters from trying to ruin other players' gameplay as VALORANT opened it's doors to more and more players around the globe.


Thankfully, the anti-cheat solution seems to be doing its job with bans being handed out left and right. From embarrassing streamer bans to a wave of new account closures, the VALORANT community has so far been pretty happy with the lack of a serious cheating problem.


That is until the good old pixel bots came to be.


What Are Pixel Bots And How Do They Work?

Without getting into the technical nitty-gritty details of how FPS cheats are made in today's day and age - let's talk a bit about the basics of how pixel bots work and why they're such a pain to deal with for developers.


First and foremost, in a nutshell, pixel bots operate around the concept of scanning a player's screen for a particular colored pixel and then performing whatever function assigned once the pixel is picked up.


And the reason they're so hard to detect lies in the fact that they operate without having to read the game's memory or inject any sort of code into the client, which is what most popular cheats in other FPS games like CS:GO and Call of Duty rely on.


But Hey, We're Talking About Riot!

While most game developers have struggled for ages to come up with a viable solution, especially in the MMORPG sphere of things, Riot Games, of course, has a handle on the situation.


With a wealth of experience in dealing with exploits, cheaters, and scripting platforms behind their belt - Riot has done, undeniably, a stellar job when it comes to how effective their Vanguard anti-cheat is. In fact, Riot has openly stated that they've banned innumerable thousands of players during the closed BETA test already for using various software-driven cheats. So, it's not all too surprising that pixel bots were next on their list.


Thanks to a recent upgrade to the Vanguard anti-cheat that VALORANT uses, Riot has managed to detect a popular pixel bot. And with that, over 200 unsuspecting cheaters got caught off-guard, just like deer in the headlights.


However, while 200 cheaters being banned may not seem like much, it's actually pretty big news. This mini ban-wave effectively spells out the end of days for external pixel-scanning cheats and shows that Riot is rigorously hell-bent on keeping VALORANT cheater-free to the utmost degree.


Oh, and it's worth noting that every single cheater banned got slapped with a HWID (Hardware ID) ban. This means they'll never be able to play the game on the same device. And even if they do go through the painstaking process of resetting the HWID of their device, it's likely that they'll be banned shortly thereafter. As you may imagine, this will very likely discourage a lot of would-be cheaters from trying to hack their way through the game.


Beyond this ban-wave, the implications are really exciting. This particular detection could mean that other popular games, shooters, in particular, will soon be able to benefit from a similar mechanism. And this, in turn, could lead to a far cleaner gaming experience across the board, practically devoid of cheaters and hackers.


Closing Thoughts

When it comes to a new competitive title making waves in the gaming ecosphere, it's no secret that cheaters and hackers are not too far behind. However, with Riot's clever approach, they've once again managed to prove that they are going to do anything and everything necessary in order to keep VALORANT cheater-free.


This time, we're talking about a relatively miniature ban-wave of only 200 cheaters. However, the implications behind Riot being able to detect pixel-scanning cheats are pretty massive and spell out the end for would-be hackers of the future.


So, why would you even bother cheating? Instead, you should get help from a professional in getting ranked up to the skill-bracket you deserve through our white-glove VALORANT boosting service.


With that, we hope to see further developments and improved anti-cheat coverage as the game ages. However, knowing Riot, we're certain that VALORANT is going to be one of the cleanest competitive shooters out there for a long time to come.


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