A Glance into Valorant World


Are you one of the world's most famous game fans, League of Legends, and want to experience the same thrill and adventure? If yes, then Valorant is a perfect choice for you. Riot Games has recently launched Valorant and is available to download.

The thing that excites the gamers the most is that it receives the updates regularly and offers the users with new content and a better experience. It has become very popular with PC gamers and is the top free game available to download on the PC.

Here are the complete details about this game, including its ranks, characters, and maps.


Brief Introduction of Valorant

Valorant is not only a game that includes competing and fighting with your opponents. In reality, it is much more than that. It is appropriate to say Valorant is an amazing and thrilling combo of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Go with a finishing touch of Apex Legends. A player can experience the similar gunplay in Valorant as that of the Counter-Strike: Go with an addition of several unique characters. These heroes bring in their own collection of extraordinary powers and weapons.

The developer of this game, Riot Games, has the desire to make the game as responsive as it can become so that players get the best gaming experience. The company has ensured this thing that this game can run on various kinds of PC hardware. For this purpose, a flexible anti-cheat system has been implemented and can be played in most PCs, i.e., from lower specs to high specs PCs. The developers of Valorant also have the target to provide the players with a latency of fewer than 35 minutes and establishing a strong network of data centers all around the world.

Its several amazing traits have made this a success even before its launch. It has become an attraction point in the area of PC gaming. It can also be said that Valorant is a tough competitor to the Counter-Strike: Go and Overwatch, who have ruled the gaming world with their team-based tactical shooting features. Hence, Valorant can be a game-changer in the gaming industry, offering players an ultimate superior gaming experience.


Ranks in Valorant

Players have an opportunity to acquire the highest ranking in Valorant. The all-new competitive mode allows different best players to fight against each other and achieve the highest possible ranking. A total of eight divisions are present.

The highest rating is Radiant, followed by other ranks, Immortal, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. But the journey of achieving higher ranking doesn't start with a single play. Firstly, you have to complete the 20 unrated games, and then you need to compete in five placement matches to get your qualifying rank.

If you get good control over the game controls, then your chances of ranking will increase to a great extent. In case you continuously top the scoreboards after every match and also taking your team to victory, then you can reach your targeted top position.

However, once you got qualified, you will either move a step ahead or suffer a demotion according to your performance.


Valorant Characters

The team of Valorant includes 11 characters having their own potentials, powers, strengths, and weaknesses. It is your choice to pick your favorite character and can be done by looking at each of them. Each character has its unique and essential role in fighting the battles, and it depends largely on the chosen character how a team will perform on the battlefield. In simple words, your team's victory or loss will be the result of the character picked by you.

It becomes essential to acquire proper information about each hero, its abilities, and playstyle before heading towards the battlefield. This will surely help in improving your probability of winning each round. Every character comes under one of the four classes, namely, Initiator, Sentinel, Duelist, and Controller.

Initiators are an important part of this game and help in determining the location of the characters belonging to the opposed team. Sentinels are good for players who like to play defensive and as a support to other players of the team. Duelists are entirely different from Sentinels and adequate for players who prefer to play attacking and wants to take the battle to the enemy side. Controllers have the expertise in restricting the slight lines and countering the tactics of the opposition team.

Riot Games is also planning to add more characters in the future updates. The company has already added two new characters, Reyna and Killjoy, during the Valorant’s launch time. Here are a few pair of characters and their classes-

·         Sova- initiator

·         Brimstone- Controller

·         Jett- Duelist

·         Sage- Sentinel

·         Breach- Initiator

·         Cypher- Sentinel

·         Viper- Controller

·         Skye- Sentinel

·         Raze- Duelist

·         Killjoy- Sentinel


Valorant Maps

The recent version of Valorant includes five playable maps. For each map, you have to use distinct strategic approaches. These five maps are as follows:

·         Bind

·         Icebox

·         Split

·         Ascent

·         Haven

Among all these maps, Icebox is the latest map that is based on an abandoned Kingdom facility in the arctic wilderness. It can be a perfect region to show your gaming skills. You can set your target and acquire the abilities of your agent, but it is necessary to look for enemies fighting from the higher locations.

Icebox map favors those players that have a razor-sharp target as well as teams having the ability to win skirmishes and adapt to the flow of every match.


Wrap Up

Riot Games has come up with another incredible and thriller game, Valorant. Every character, map, and even the ranking system are appropriate to furnish the most exciting gaming experience to every player.

This Valorant guide has also provided the necessary information about the crucial aspects involved in this game. This information is very important before you start playing Valorant. From character selection to ranks, everything will affect your performance and ranking among other players around the world.



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