Valorant: Tips To Master Reyna


An important thing about playing Valorant is that you must know how to play with each good character. There are many tricks and plays that you can try out with each character integrated into the game.

Agent Reyna is the second healer type character and the 11th agent in Valiant. She has the power to stay alive by dealing with death. Reyna is one of the most powerful characters and knowing how to play with her enhances any player’s gameplay. Given below are some tricks that you can try with Agent Reyna.



One of the best abilities of Reyna is that she has an orb that attracts the players within its radius. Resultingly, enemies can see nothing but the orb, which they try to destroy. This orb, much like Omen, can go through walls. Therefore, you can set the orb to a location that targets a larger number of players.

Using Leer

The first thing to consider is the location where you want to position the Leer. Placing it in a large room will ensure that more enemies are attracted to the Leer. Therefore, you can take out a larger number of enemies. However, choke points make the enemies stay longer since destroying the Leer becomes more difficult.

Leer is generally used to eliminate enemies who are bunkered up or are protecting a bomb site. You can also employ some teamplay tactics with Leer and get rid of more enemies. If not destroyed, Leer lasts for 3 seconds. You can use this leer two at a time since it costs 200 credits per use.



Devour is combat effectiveness boosting ability that Reyna has. It is activated by Q. With this ability, Reyna can consume the dead enemy’s souls and restore herself to 100% health within four seconds. The healing speed depends on the number of souls that you consume. However, you need to make sure that you do not ‘overheal’ since that will lead to her body exploding later.

Using Devour

An important thing to remember is to never devour souls when there are enemies around. While Reyna devours a soul, she cannot attack for a second, putting her in a dangerous situation. You will have to pay 100 credits per use of the Devour trick. This is why she can only consume four souls at a time. However, this much is enough to restore her back to 100% health.



Much like Devour, dismiss is another ability that allows Reyna to deal with the souls of the dead enemies. With dismiss, Reyna gets invincibility for 4 seconds that will enable her to re-position to re-engage in her enemies from a better angle. The invincibility is activated by E, and it allows Reyna to go through venom and molotovs without sustaining any damage.

Dismiss is a powerful ability if you are surrounded by an enemy that is scattered at confusing positions. Re-positioning allows Reyna to change the complete tactic of the gameplay.

Using Dismiss

Dismiss seems to be a strong ability at once. However, Reyna is unable to attack while she has invincibility. The short length of the invincibility, too, is something to consider in intensive gameplay. Make sure that you are not near too strong an opponent.

You can enhance Reyna’s gunfight by combining E and Q by combining healing with invincibility. With this combined trick, not only can Reyna shift her position without getting hurt, but she can also heal her pre-sustained hurt within the re-positioning time.



Besides Raze and Sage, there is no other character in the agent pool which has as strong an ultimate as Reyna. Her ultimate is this strong because of Empress, a unique combat ability that makes Reyna stand tall.

Through Empress, Reyna gets a combat stim on her weapons along with additional healing factors. Her healing abilities increase with the number of enemies she kills. She can go up to 0 extra health units without fearing damage mitigation.

During Empress, her C remains unchanged. However, her Q and E abilities make her go invincible for a few seconds while devouring souls for self-healing. Therefore, she can attack enemies from multiple angles without getting hurt herself. This is a wonderful technique to use when you want to disrupt the enemy or are stuck in a problematic cover position.

Using Empress

You can engage in team play tactics with Empress. Playing with characters such as Breach and Brimstone will make Reyna the most challenging character to kill. In fact, her power gets at par with Breach or Raze.

Because of her frag potential and utility, many players would have her replace Breach or Phoenix. This is because even though she does not heal on her own, she has a very low-risk factor at any level of gameplay.


Quick Reyna Tips

Give below are three tips that you can use to enhance Reyna's abilities. All three tricks involve using the tricks that are explained above. However, the way you use it will make a huge difference.

·         You can use Leer on the ground. Using it on eye-level will make it easy to be shot at, and you to be shot as soon as Leer ends. Using it on the ground, the enemies are absolutely vulnerable to your attacks and cannot attack you as soon as the Leer ends.

·         Using Devour at alternate corners will allow you access to as many souls as possible while staying safe. Using Devour at every corner can risk either over-healing or while using the trick.

·         The best use of Empress is to push hard on defense. Even though it seems to be a good attack tactic as well, it works well while you need the power to defend.


Wrapping Up

Agent Reyna is an extremely powerful character with a dark edge to her personality. She is an overall extremely likable character who has the strongest defenses of all the high ranked characters. Her unique abilities allow her to be a gem in Volorant gameplay, especially while 

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