8 Things You Should Know Before Playing Valorant


If you are into gaming, you know that Valorant is one of the best first-person perspective shooting games. It is widely played and streamed all across the globe and has a very big fan following and fan base.

Some people play it for fun, while others have taken it up as a profession. Streaming Valorant on twitch has been a very common thing, and many people have made a fortune doing this. However, there are still some common mistakes that you might commit if you are a rookie.

Here are the 8 most important things that you should know before you try your hand at Valorant. These tips will surely enhance your gameplay and will add to the overall experience.


1.    Understanding The Maps

Although maps might just look like something very normal, they are the home for every strategy that takes birth. The arrangement of corridors and objects leads to various push movements and also assembly points.

Having a thorough knowledge of all the maps makes it easier to navigate and communicate when you are playing with your team. There are three maps that are live right now. They are called Haven, Bind, and Split. The developers have announced that more maps will be added regularly.


2. Communication Is The Key

When you are playing online in a competitive way, it is really important to communicate effectively. You should be aware of all the keywords and shortcuts for commands. Teams usually come up with their personalized short forms to make the communication quicker.

You should also be able to tell your position in a precise manner if you get caught somewhere. A fair understanding of the maps helps with this. Your teamwork plays a very important role in your victory, and thus communication should be given a lot of attention.


3. Practice in the Range

Valorant gets pretty competitive if the teams are equally balanced. If you think that you still have some distance to cover, you should practice shooting alone in the practice range. Shooting mishaps can cause your team to falter online, and you would never want that.

Practice shooting and movements as much as you can. You can also practice for a few minutes before the actual game starts to get your controls moving smoothly. The practice range provides a real-time experience and is the best arena to sharpen your skills.


4. Getting Used To Weapons And Their Recoil

There is a decent number of weapons that you can choose from when you are playing the game. There are assault rifles, SMGs, and Snipers that you can consider. It is always better to practice with the same gun so that you can get acquainted with the amount of recoil that comes with it.

Recoil hampers the aim when you are shooting continuously in the automatic mode. Different guns have different recoils, and that is why you should select your weapon wisely. The right choice of weapon will result in maximum headshots, and thus your K/D ratio will rise.


5. Adjusting the Mouse’s Sensitivity

One of the most crucial settings is adjusting the mouse according to your preferences. Too fast or Too slow movements will result in misfired shots. It is always suggested to keep the sensitivity in the middle ranges. Your pointer should be able to move 180 degrees in one go.

There are various presets which can also be utilized. Presets often hamper the gameplay when you change your weapon. You can use present number 6 until you have your preferences sorted. You might take some time to get accustomed to the presets.


6. Using A Knife When On The Move

Mobility holds a lot of importance when you are gaming professionally. The ultimate task is to implement your strategy first and then gauge your enemies.

Using your knife is a very smart move to run across the map in a faster way. The knife has the least weight out of all the weapons, and therefore you should always change your weapon to the knife while you are on the run.

Another trick is to set your controls efficiently so that you can switch to the knife and then back to your gun without any hassle.


7. Mastering Your Agent’s Strength

All the agents in Valorant have unique strengths, and you should be well versed with them. Once you master those abilities, the gameplay gets even more exciting.

Agent Phoenix has the capability to cause massive damage to the opponents with his flames. Those same flames act as aspirin for him and give him more health points if he is injured. Likewise, Agent Omen has the special power to teleport. In case you see that the bomb might go off in your area, you can teleport to a safer location. Teleporting will save your gear from getting damaged.


8. Crouching and Jumping

Players often get confused between jumping and crouching and end up messing their gameplay. If you are trapped in a long fighting sequence, you should always crouch and then start shooting. Crouching provides better aims and also tones down the recoil. You should always crouch down when you are on the offense.

However, if you are caught in a defensive stand, you should resort to jumping randomly. When you jump like that, the opponent gets stalled from taking the perfect shot. This tip will buy you some time until you gain the vantage point back.


Final Words

Valorant is a game that has caught the eyeballs of many gamers and streamers. Its beta version itself created a lot of hype. If you enjoy First Person Perspective (FPP) shooting games, Valorant will make the cut for you. Valorant has a very big fan following on twitch with millions of watching hours. It has even made the cut to one of the most followed games.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips if you are a beginner in shooting games, and they will improve your gameplay drastically. To more and more headshots and victories!

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