TFT Set 9 - How do Portals Work?

Runeterra Reforged, TFT's 9th set since its official launch, includes portals that will affect the progress of every match. Here's everything you need to know about them!

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 9 introduces portals as a new game mechanic. Runeterra Reforged shows how much Riot Games TFT developers have been influenced by lore from League of Legends, and it's a love letter to the humble beginnings of TFT. The themes and champions are the standard versions without skins, the same as in Set 1, but boosted with the mechanics that Mortdog's team has developed over the years. The newest addition are the portals, which will take you to different regions of Runeterra for a different experience every match.

This is a comprehensive list of every region in TFT Set 9 for our TFT gamers who want to be well-prepared.

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Bandle City

Bandle Cafeteria: Get a Spatula on stage 2-1. Units with a Spatula, emblem, or Tactician's Crown will feed a Poro Snax to their nearest ally after shopping begins, increasing 7 HP to that ally permanently. These units will get an extra Snax per item equipped on them.

Scuttle Puddle: PvE rounds will feature scuttle crabs instead of minions, which grant extra loot and gold.

Yordle Pordles: You get a free high-tier champion at rounds 1 and 5 of each stage, with the tier increasing as the game progresses.

Yuumi's Zoom: Overtime starts at 20 seconds instead of 30.


House Lightshield: At round 2-1, you get a Crown of Demacia. This powerful item boosts a unit's power by 40 AD and 400 HP, but if this unit dies, you lose the combat immediately.

Petricite Forest: All champions are 15% larger and have 150 bonus health.


Hearth-Home: On 4-5, you get a "Masterwork Upgrade". This consumable will upgrade one equipped item to its Radiant version.

Ornn's Forge: Get an Ornn Anvil on 2-5 or 3-5 (randomly).


God-Willow's Grove: The "grove" gets added to your bench, replacing one of your spots there. Any unit placed in the grove will boost your traits with their own, as if they were placed on your board. This seems to be extra strong in vertical compositions, where you need that 9th unit.

The Dreaming Pool: You get a champion that fits your current traits and comp at the start of every stage.

Placidium Library: Gain a consumable on 3-5. Using it on a unit will give you the choice of an emblem with any of their traits.


Immortal Bastion: On 2-1, get a battle flag. It can be placed on the board and will boost adjacent units by 20% attack speed and have a 10% max health shield at the start of combat.

Noxkraya: Get an enchanted hex for every augment. Units placed on one of these hexes get a random item fitting them.


Jayce's Workshop: Makes every augment prismatic for this match.

Stillwater Hold: Removes augments from the current match.

The University: The first augment selected in this match will be prismatic.

The T-Hex is also featured as one of Piltover's additions to the new set.

Shadow Isles

Thresh's Sanctum: When a champion dies in combat (enemy or ally), you get a soul. At 40 souls, you get loot and reset the counter.

Yorick's Graveyard: Whenever a player hits 0 HP, the remaining players get an armory with four of his completed items and can select one to keep.


Shurima Bazaar: All the carousel rounds will grant two components per champion.

Shifting Sands: Get an item remover at the start of each round if you don't already have one.

Warlord's Palace: At round 4-7, find an armory instead of a PvE round. Similar to the Dragon Treasure, you can reroll this armory as much as you want by paying 2 gold per reroll.

Azir is one of the most used champions in the new set, thanks to his carrying capacities, much like in League of Legends.


Marus Omegnum: Stages 2-5 and 4-5 will give you a Tactician's Crown.

Targon Prime: At 40 Little Legend HP, you get a blessing from Targon; this can be loot, champions, gold, or even all three.

The Summit: Get a Lesser Champion Duplicator at every stage (starting at stage 2). From stage 5 onward, you get a regular Champion Duplicator instead. Great for hyperroll comps!


The Lavender Sea: Every carousel and PvE round, you get an enchanted hex on your board. Units placed here will get a boost that varies with the location. If they're on the first two rows, they get a 20% damage reduction buff, and if they're in the back two rows, they get 20% increased damage boost instead.

The Rupture: Travel to a random portal location except the ones shown on the board with this portal.

Unstable Rift: Get an unstable void item that will change and pop off at the start of every round.


Ecliptic Vaults: Each time you choose a new augment, get 4 gold for each augment you have.

Glasc Industries: Each time you complete an item, get 3 gold.

The Sump: Gold interest is disabled in this game, but after 2-1, every player gets 3 gold per round.

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