TFT Patch 10.14 Overview - What Changed & How It's Affecting The Meta

Teamfight Tactics is no stranger to big patches that upset the META and introduce scores of changes that are gradually set to drive the game towards being one of the top Auto battlers out there.


As such, Patch 10.14 isn't any different. From the star guardian overhaul effort to Urgot ending up on the wrong end of the nerf hammer, this patch definitely made waves, and it contains a ton of new and interesting tweaks.


So, unless you're a fan of reading through the whopping wall of text that is the patch notes (which you can read over here) - buckle up and get strapped in for the ride while we take you through some of the major changes and provide you with some insights on what they mean and why they matter.


Let's dive right in!


The Star Guardian Power Shift

In the past, this infamously strong trait was a pretty popular pick in most comps. However, it wasn't hard to tell that it was poorly balanced. The champions that benefitted from the trait (aside from Janna) weren't that strong, the trait was okay at best - and the balance could only be found if you really committed and went all-in on the trait.


As such, with the introduction of Patch 10.14, the Teamfight Tactics developer team has chosen to shift the focus away from the trait, in favor of offering more power to the champions themselves to create a more balanced interaction.


The trait has lost some of its massive mana regen, while the individual champions like Zoe, Poppy, Syndra, Neeko, Soraka, and Janna are gaining additional mana to compensate for the drop in the trait's regenerative abilities.


Supposedly, the developer teams' goal with this change is to maintain a similar level of overall power in the mix, while shifting the dependency away from the trait and offering more innate power to the champions themselves.


Urgot Get's Nerfed - No More Big "R" Oofs

Let's face it - with the pre-Patch 10.14 state of the game, it was hard to say that Urgot was anything close to being "fair" or "balanced".


Ever since he was added in a mid-set 3 update, he's been dreaded across matches, all thanks to his insanely overpowered one-shot ultimate ability. And if it may have slid by you once or twice, imagine getting your entire comp wiped out thanks to this crabby monster's lack of balance time and time again in a totally winning setup.


Ironically, the developer team believes that Urgot's balance meter is relatively okay.


However, they are changing the character's mechanics to introduce a degree of counterplay opportunities. The most important of these is the fact that Guardian Angel will now actually do what it was intended to - stop his one-shot ultimate execution.


To supplement this nerf, Urgot's ultimate is also going to be targeting the unit that's positioned furthest away from Urgot in a straight line. His ultimate ability's projectiles will also no longer pass through other units on the way there, meaning players can now strategically position their carries behind a meat shield of sorts in order to protect them from the "one-shot oof".


But that's not all!


Riot is also making an effort to create more incentive to invest in ranking up Urgot beyond the default 1 star. They're planning to create this incentive by scaling up his time to kill to 3 seconds flat at 1 star (up from the previous 1.5) with 3 stars allowing for a time to kill of 1 second flat.


Other Important Changes In TFT Patch 10.14

While the changes to the power distribution of the Star Guardian setup and the mechanics behind Urgot in TFT are definitely the bulk of the big news - TFT Patch 10.14 also brought about a fair few smaller tweaks.


Here are the most important champion changes in Patch 10.14:

·     Illaoi - Ability damage increased to 500 at 3 stars, compared to the previous 325. Armor & MR leech increased to 50 at 2 stars and 90 at 3 stars, up by 10 and 30 points respectively.

·     Leona - Ability damage reduction scaled to 400 at 3 stars, compared to the previous 200.

·     Malphite - Passive shield increased to 70% at 3 stars, up from a previous 60%.

·     Nocturne - Ability damage increased to 500 at 3 stars, up from a previous 400.

·     Poppy - Ability damage increased by an additional 25 points at 3 stars for a total of 325. Shield increased to 450 at 3 stars, compared to a previous 400.

·     Ahri - Ability damage increased to 425 at 3 stars.

·     Annie - Ability damage increased to 700 at 3 stars. Shield value increased to 800 at 3 stars.

·     Blitzcrank - Ability damage increased by 650 points to 1,500 at 3 stars, instead of the previous 850.

·     Darius - Ability damage increased by an additional 50 points at 3 stars, for a total of 850.

·     Mordekaiser - Shield value increased to 950 at 3 stars, instead of the previous 800.

·     Nautilus - Ability damage increased to 500 at 3 stars. Stun duration increased by an additional second at 3 stars.

·     Shen - Ability duration increased by 1 second at 3 stars. Magic resistance increased to 90 at 3 stars, instead of 45.

·     Zed - Attack damage leech increased to 33% at 2 stars and 50% at 3 stars.

·     Ezreal - Ability damage increased to 175 at 2 stars and 800 at 3 stars.

·     Rumble - Ability damage increased to 1,800 at 3 stars.

·     Vayne - Attack damage increased to 275% at 3 stars.

·     Vi - Ability damage increased to 1,350 at 3 stars. Knock up damage increased to 600 instead of 500 at 3 stars.

·     Gnar - Mega form health increased to 5,000 at 3 stars, instead of 4,000.

·     Riven - Ability damage increased by an extra 150 points at 3 stars, for a total of 600. Shield increased to 1,200 at 3 stars.

·     Soraka - Healing decreased to 325 at 1 star and 500 at 2 stars.

·     Wukong - Stun timer increased to 7 at 3 stars, instead of the previous 5.

·     Janna - Stun timer increased to 10 at 3 stars, instead of the previous 1.5.


However, it wasn't just the champions that had some changes rolled out their way. The traits took some hits and got some buffs as well - let's take a look.


Here are the most important changes to Traits in Patch 10.14:

·     Infiltrator - 6-unit AS increased by 30% for a total of 150%.

·     Celestial - 2-unit healing reduced by 5% to a total of 15%.

·     Star Guardian - 9-unit mana increased by 15 to a total of 60.

·     Dark Star - 8-unit attack damage and ability damage increased by 10 to a total of 48.

·     Rebel - 9-unit shield increased by 70 to a total of 400, while the 9-unit attack damage was increased by 5 to a total of 20.

·     Battlecast - 8-unit healing or damage increased by 130 to a total of 1,100, while the 6-unit bonus was increased by 70, and the 4-unit bonus was increased by 20.


Closing Thoughts

Just like any other Teamfight Tactics update, Patch 10.14 brought about some significant changes with the biggest brunt of the impact being centered around changes to the Star Guardian trait and Urgot's mechanics.


We hope that our breakdown has helped you make sense of the major changes that took place as well as get some insight into why they happened and what you should do about it in terms of leveraging the new changes in your own games.


With that, we wish you the best of luck in your matches!


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