The time has come! The biggest League of Legends esports tournaments are currently underway, with players from all over the world competing for spots in the World Championship. Even though we don't know which teams will be attending Worlds just yet, we do know when the tickets for the event will be available. Riot has just announced the official ticket sales dates.

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In the world of esports, League of Legends Worlds is a major annual event. Last year, there were thousands of fans crowding the arena to watch their favorite teams and players, and they saw some of the highest quality gameplay in the Rift.

Worlds 2022 had over 5 Million Viewers

The fact that DRX qualified as the LCK's fourth seed and managed to succeed in the group stage is no small feat. Many people favored Liiv Sanbox over DRX at the start of the competition, and most fans felt they wouldn't make it very far.

In the knockout stage, DRX met EDG, the reigning world champions. The team's morale was boosted as they came back and reverse swept them, especially after the devastating inhibitor play in game two.

The last challenge, however, was yet to come. DRX would have to take on T1, which was widely regarded as the favorite squad to win Worlds 2022. DRX were able to play comfortably and pick up important victories because of the lack of pressure they had; no one expected them to be a challenge. They never panicked, even after falling behind in the decisive game. In the end, they managed to turn it around and defeat Faker's T1 to become World Champions.

When can we buy Tickets for Worlds 2023?

The first batch of tickets for the tournament's Play-In Stage will go on sale on July 10th.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, will play host to this year's World Championship for League of Legends, and the on-sale dates for tickets have finally been announced. Ticket sales for Worlds will happen in three waves, one for each of the tournament's three phases, as previously stated by Riot Games on their "LoL Esports" Twitter account.

Worlds 2023 begins here with the play-in stage, where you can cheer and boost the morale of some of your favorite teams that didn't fare that well this season as they battle it out for a spot in the tournament. This is your chance to see some truly unique and underdog teams perform live.

Swiss Stage tickets will go on sale in a second round on July 19th. All the top teams and players compete in the Swiss Round to see who will advance to the Knockout Round. The Swiss Tournament Format, a well-liked option for competitive video game tournaments, served as inspiration for the name "Swiss Stage."

Tickets for the Knockout Stage's third wave will go on sale on August 2nd.

It's wild to think that in August we will be able to get our hands on tickets to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship Finals, and we're already dreaming about our favorite teams fighting for the crown!

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