League of Legends Clash is a monthly tournament organized by Riot Games that allows players to team up as five and compete against other teams of the same skill level. Players start by forming teams, scouting for players, and the matches take place on weekends. Every Clash tournament in a season has a unique title like the Ionia Cup or the Piltover Cup. In 2022, players were also treated to an exclusive All Random All Mid (ARAM) Clash on the Howling Abyss, taking Clash expectations to a new level. 

However, nearly a month into Season 13, Riot Games is yet to release the official Clash scheduled for 2023. Players have been asking Riot Games to share updates about this on social media. The good news is that players can breathe a sigh of relief since Clash may go live on the first weekend of March. Here’s all we know about Clash in 2023 and why there is a delay this year.

Clash in 2023: All we know so far

On 2nd February, one Redditor posted, “So, what happened to Clash?” on the League of Legends subreddit. The user stated that the last Clash was around Worlds 2022 and that players only had the opportunity to play “(compared to SR) uncompetitive ARAM clash.” They added that they have a group of friends who really enjoy competing as a team of five and asked for an update. 

Last month, Riot Games confirmed that the systems in its development environment were compromised via a social engineering attack. Following this, the company revealed that it received a ransom email. Though Riot did not pay, the attack disrupted its build environment and the company noted that this could cause issues in the future. 

Commenting on the Reddit post about the Clash announcement, Riot Games' global community manager and patch notes author Lilu “Riot Riru” Cabreros stated that the developers are still working to understand the implications of the social engineering attack on Clash tournament dates. 

Riot Riru said, “We have an official update coming in the patch notes in a few days which is typically the best way to share news like this with players everywhere. All of that said, I literally just got word that we might be able to hit the first weekend of March, but honestly, that’s not even 100% so please don’t hold this information against us.” The Rioter promised to give the actual dates as soon as the team is confident. 

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