As the start of VCT Masters Tokyo draws nearer and more teams have been selected to compete, more information about the tournament has become available. The group stage will follow the GSL format, the playoffs will be double elimination, and the prize pool will be the largest ever for a tournament of this caliber, as announced by Riot Games.

The tournament will follow the same format as previous VCT Masters tournaments, which have all used GSL groups followed by a double elimination bracket. The size of the prize pool has received a huge boost this year, and it's the highest ever given on the VCT, which comes as a surprise given that VCT Masters tournaments typically offer less money than the global championship.

What's the Prize for winning the VCT Masters?

The prize pools for the Valorant Champions 2021 and 2022 together barely reached one million dollars, and the participating teams received a cut of the proceeds from the sale of skins equal to fifty percent of the total. The VCT Masters Tokyo, on the other hand, will make history as the first tournament at the Masters level to provide a prize fund of one million dollars plus skin sale proceeds!

The prize pool for the Masters Berlin competition in 2021 was almost $700,000, making it the most lucrative of the four Masters tournaments held over the preceding two years.

 Previous tournaments were shy of 700 thousand dollars in terms of prize pools.

However, the addition of all three affiliated VCT international leagues has brought about significant changes in the VCT circuit since that time. Because of these adjustments and the additional scheduling decisions made by Riot Games, the only Masters-level tournament that will take place in 2023 is Masters Tokyo. This year, Riot launched its new Valorant eSports structure with a global competition called VCT LOCK//IN in Brazil. The prize pool for that tournament was $500,000 USD.

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However, teams were not required to qualify in order to participate in that tournament, which explains why there was a smaller prize fund.

How much will each team win in the VCT Masters?

At the VCT Masters in Tokyo, the prize pool will be divided as follows for each of the competing teams:

1st place: $350,000

2nd place: $200,000

3rd place: $125,000

4th place: $75,000

5th place: $50,000

6th place: $50,000

7th place: $35,000

8th place:$35,000

9th place: $25,000

10th place: $25,000

11th place: $15,000

12 place: $15,000

On June 11, the action for the VCT Masters Tokyo will get underway, and the 12 teams that will be competing there will be vying for the lion's share of the total prize pool.

Which teams are competing in the VCT Masters in Tokyo?

Here are all the teams that have qualified for VCT Masters Tokyo and their respective regions:

Americas League


Evil Geniuses


EMEA League


Team Liquid

FUT Esports


Pacific League


Paper Rex



Attacking Soul Esports

EDward Gaming

Less than one month remains until the start of the VCT Masters in Tokyo. Only one squad will receive the incredible prize to boost their team's finances and be crowned the champions!

Stay tuned for more news on the event!

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