Recent Leaks Shed Light On Riot's Plans To Release New Jungler Champion Lilia In Season 10

All throughout LoL Season 10, the League of Legends player community has been eagerly anticipating the release of a new champion, and with a new Jungler being teased since earlier in the year - we can finally say that the cat's out of the bag.


Recent data-mining leaks from the Patch 10.14 test data revealed several in-game assets associated with Lilia.


First and foremost, there were two voice lines that created an intricate lore-wise backdrop for the new champion. And in addition to this, a lotus flower player icon was added, associated with the big Summer 2020 event where a new champion is to be unveiled to the community.


What Do We Know About Lilia So Far?

While most players were hoping for another macho-assassin type champion to be added into the jungler roster - it would seem that Riot had some different ideas in mind.


There hasn't been much information released about Lilia prior to this leak, with the exception of some foreshadowing in terms of her lore, and several pieces of in-game concept art.


From an initial glance-over, it would seem that Lilia is poised to be a dryad, which could mean the community will soon be seeing a new mage-carry jungler.


All of the art and voice lines related to Lilia so far hint at the fact that the champion would be associated with dreams and magic, which only goes to support the theory above.


Interestingly enough, when Riot released Zoe, they've added a new type of crowd-control status called "Drowsy." This form of crowd-control isn't influenced by tenacity, and so far, the only champion that uses the mechanic is Zoe. However, with the foreshadowing we've seen for Lilia, it's fair to assume that the developers have plans to expand this mechanic's use over to the new champion as well.


When Is Lilia Supposed To Be Officially Announced?

While there are still a lot of blanks to be filled when it comes to piecing together the full picture on what Lilia is really going to be as a champion - we do know one thing for certain. And that's the fact that she's going to play a big part in the Summer 2020 event.


The summer event is supposed to feature two new champions, a new set of attainable player-rewards, and a few exclusive skins being added into the game.


It's also important to keep in mind that the event coincides with the 10th anniversary of League of Legends - and as such, it's certain that Riot is planning to kick off the new decade with a spectacular bang.


Closing Thoughts

Since the start of the year, players have been eagerly waiting to see what the Riot Games development team had in store for the coming year.


As our favorite game turns 10 years old, the celebration is bound to be an event that will go down in time.


While there is still very little information about the two champions that players are expecting to be unveiled during the Season 10 summer event - recent data-mining leaks have uncovered tidbits of info about a new jungler - Lilia.


Keep your eyes peeled for updates on Lilia and the Masked Assasin, which are bound to come over the next few days as more and more changes are rolled into the update package for Patch 10.14.




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