New Pyke Support Buffs Coming In Patch 10.14

It's no secret that Pyke has always been a pretty big deal in the botlane. Whether you love having him as your trusted kill-stealing sidekick, or loathe him for being an absolute pain to play against - it's undeniable that as of recently, he's just been kind of weak.


And with recently unveiled patch notes containing a series of buffs to this stellar solo-support dominator, we've decided to put together this article in order to the low-down on what's coming, how it's going to impact Pyke's place in the meta and how you should react to the changes.


Let's dive in!


A Peek Into The Bloodharbor Ripper's History

When he was first initially unveiled, Pyke was the absolute definition of a total menace. His aggressive and power-packing kit skyrocketed him to prominence as a very flexible champion that could easily man a solo lane despite being branded as a support.


After all, with an ultimate ability that you can nearly spam executes with during a team fight - alongside a Q and E that give you absolute waveclear - there's just no reason for Pyke to ever feel weak right?


Well, several patches ago, the Riot developers wanted to make sure that Pyke's dominance was curbed a tad. And curb him they did, by means of the all too typical carpet-bomb-nerf.


This, in turn, led Pyke to fall out of the meta for a decent chunk of time. And as the Bloodharbor Ripper slid further down the win-rate curve, the developers once again figured that it's time for his return. As such, LoL Patch 10.14 is poised to contain a series of buffs to Pyke's abilities and kit that are aimed at bringing the ripper back into the meta-game, while keeping him relatively balanced with the other popular supports.


What Are The Buffs Lined Up For Patch 10.14?

It's no secret that Pyke is one of the more difficult champions to balance. Especially considering the fact that his effectiveness as a solo laner is closely bound to his identity as a tried and true support champion as well.


However, over the series of changes that he's received throughout the last few years - it would seem that the League of Legends development team is finally starting to get a close feel for the right balance and direction.


As such, the primary changes to Pyke coming in Patch 10.14 are aimed at making him a more powerful support, without amping up his solo laning abilities towards being in the "overpowered champion" bracket.


First and foremost, his Bone Skewer will cost a little less mana while dealing slightly more damage. The usage mechanic of his Q is also changing, which allows the developers to effectively balance out the increase in damage without giving him too much waveclear.


While these changes are relatively minor at first glance, it's a good start towards balancing out one of the coolest support champions in League of Legends. And here at LoL-EloBoosting, we're happy to see him potentially coming back into the botlane meta once again.


Closing Thoughts

Pyke is notoriously a domineering and scary champion. He's an absolute menace in the support role down in the botlane. However, as of recent, players have found playing him as a solo laner to be far more rewarding.


With Pyke falling out of the botlane meta, and gradually losing his foothold in favor of other popular picks, the League of Legends development team is implementing a few small tweaks to help balance him out and bring him home into the support role.


As the season wraps up, the developers are actively pushing out changes with several minor updates going live in the upcoming patch and more on the way for the end of Season 10. And as always, we're here to cover them and give you the low down to keep you up to date with what's coming, and how you should prepare for it in order to keep climbing the ranked ladder.


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