The development team for League of Legends has run into a number of roadblocks in 2023. Among the long list of difficulties that have slowed the release of new content, we can count repeated delays on specific champion reworks and VGUs, huge criticism from the player base, and even big names such as content creator Necrit claiming that League of Legends is dying and has become nothing more than a cash cow, with "shirtless men and beautiful women" champions and their overcharged kits being released constantly, as opposed to creative new characters who feel immersive and fit the game.

This year, Riot decided to fix the issues that the LoL community found and try to boost the game's popularity with players who have been around for a long time.

As League of Legends game designer Glenn "Riot Twin Enso" Anderson put it:

“A while back, our champion design lead, August Browning, did an analysis of our whole roster and categorized each champ by role, class, and difficulty in order to find some opportunity areas for players. He ended up finding two major holes: a higher skill tank, which ended up being K’Sante, and a relatively simple and beginner-friendly assassin, which became Naafiri.”

Nonetheless, both K'Sante and Milio emerged relatively unscathed. Both champions have done well since their releases, with the exception that Milio was a bit powerful at release and K'Sante dominated at a very high level of play.

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