MMR Resets: Soft Resets

The general idea is that EVERY player will have their MMR taken closer to that of a Low Silver player.

New MMR = ((Season 3 MMR) + 1200) / 2

You WILL have to play a new set of placement matches when the 2014 Season starts

league of legends mmr

Pre-Season / the 2014 Season:

"No placement matches at the start of the preseason" Soft Resets (see above) will be done after Pre-Season 4 is concluded.

Your initial placement will be based on you Season 3 && Pre-Season 4 MMR, not your Season 3 Division
Riot Pwyff states more will be revealed about this in the upcoming week (see his post below)

Simple thread questions deserve simple answers because people don't know how to Google.

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