League of Legends is getting the Emerald Rank from Wild Rift as the ranked system is reworked.

After Wild Rift's experimental Emerald Rank and Valorant's Ascendant, it's League of Legends' turn.

On the ranked ladder, a lot of League of Legends players cultivate their skills while competing to see how far they can climb. With the upcoming addition of the Emerald rank, Riot intends to make reaching high levels a little bit simpler. Players ranked between Platinum and Diamond will now have a new rank to buy boosting services for: Emerald.


The desire to rank high in a multiplayer game like League of Legends is one of the main reasons it still has so many players.

Players must defeat rivals and demote them to lower ranks in order to advance to higher ranks. A ladder can only function if players fill every position on it.

By introducing a new Emerald rank to League of Legends, Riot hopes to change the system and boost players stuck in Silver and Gold, the so-called "Elo Hell", into higher ranks while maintaining a relatively low population of players at the Diamond level and above.

The LoL Devs want to see more players in higher ranks.

Riot developers are adjusting Ranked in a few different ways to help players while still requiring them to work their way up the ladder. In the most recent dev blog, it became clear that Riot wants more players to achieve higher ranks, since Platinum and below are no longer attractive to the player base.

First, all promotion games are being discontinued. Players who would otherwise stall out during their promo series are no longer confronted with this problem, and if they accumulate enough LP to do so, they will be able to advance immediately into the next tier.

The majority of the player base welcomed this change, and even in the booster community, players are cheering for it as the answer to many of the issues League of Legends has previously encountered.

Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler discussed the modifications while outlining some of their objectives for changing the ranked system. According to Meddler, the ranks are:

"too skewed toward the lower end of the spectrum"

Having more steps added to the ladder means that the rank a player has will reflect his skill level a lot better than before.

With the elimination of promo games and the reduction of placement games from 10 to 5, players will acquire their starting rank a lot quicker.

However, higher MMR players have expressed dissatisfaction with how simple it is to climb the ranks now compared to previous seasons. It will be interesting to see if the updated ranking system will satisfy gamers of all ability levels.

How do you get to Emerald in League of Legends?

Here's where the real fun starts! If you're already in a high elo and are ranked between Platinum 2 and Diamond 3, chances are you might end up in Emerald once the new split begins.

However, nothing is set in stone yet, as the new split will require League of Legends players to do placement matches again, meaning you can get a head start by playing in a duo boost or simply leaving the tedious placements to a pro in a solo boost instead.

The bad news is that higher-ranked players might drop from Diamond to Emerald unless they really outperform their competitors in these first few matches and at the start of the split.

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