Jinx, the Loose Cannon Spotlight - League of Legends

And she doesn't wear very much

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After a brief tease earlier this week, Riot has revealed Jinx, the Loose Cannon, as the next League of Legends champion. To no one's surprise, she's a hard carry and doesn't wear a whole lot.

We already know she's a criminal and absolutely nutscausing all sorts of problems for Vi in Piltover. Well, now we also know for certain that Jinx likes using heavy weapons and explosives, and she enters the Fields of Justice with "a massive death launcher" and a pretty good supply of grenades. They're probably not the cute kind that Ziggs has, either.

She has a crazy-looking kit, at first glance. Jinx's basic attacks cost mana, so a Tear sounds like a good way to go. She also has two slows that allow for quick escapes (rather than a dash like so many other carries). Here's a full rundown of her kit, along with their thumb images:

Because Jinx doesn't actually have much defense, Riot states that she'll rely heavily on positioning and team backup. This is what they had to say regarding her teamfight situation:

Jinx begins to dish out the damage once teamfights break out. Lacking reliable peel or protection for herself, though, she relies on her positioning and her teammates to keep her alive while she sends her enemies screaming. Jinx's range and damage remain potent throughout the game, making her ideal in a composition built around long-range poke. In the heat of battle, using her rocket launcher and Zap! from a distance helps whittle down enemies until she scores a kill, while Flame Chompers! create zones that opposing champs would do well to avoid. Once Get Excited! triggers, Jinx unlocks her clean-up potential, quickly repositioning to avoid threats and mowing down stragglers trying to run away.

Jinx's quote resonates with me, personally. She states, "Oh look, I'm opening my box of care! Oh wait -- it's empty!"

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