Team Liquid destroys Doublelift, and fans are outraged.

During their LCS match, Team Liquid used three ultimate abilities on Doublelift, effectively ending the game without giving him much time to put together a comeback. Once again, League of Legends fans are discussing whether ADCs are boosted or busted.

Although this isn't news for anyone, ADCs are unbalanced. They're either very overpowered or completely useless, depending on the match. Especially with troublesome champions like Zeri, League of Legends' developers have had a hard time striking a balance in the ADC role. Since the beginning of Season 13, numerous item reworks, map modifications, and support metas have come and gone, but the ever-changing balance of the role remains a widely contested topic.

Despite the fact that other game elements have an impact on every role, it seems like ADCs constantly oscillate between the two, which can ruin a competitive and enjoyable game.

Riot also has a very hard time boosting ADCs with a new item or buff since they can easily become overpowered, so they might need to try a different approach.

The primary weakness of ADCs is that they often have few alternatives for ensuring their own survival despite their high damage output. It just takes a few seconds alone in a teamfight for an ADC to destroy the opposition. Take one step in the wrong direction, however, and your ADC is completely useless.

Peter 'Doublelift' Peng experienced this effect during an LCS match against Team Liquid when he got nuked before an engage. This situation effectively decided the match and has reopened the discussion over the role's viability. Many are questioning the fairness of the position after 100 Thieves' loss against Team Liquid was pretty much guaranteed by Doublelift getting taken down this way.

League players want the traditional team fight to return.

ADCs often feel their contribution is undervalued while discussing role balance distribution with other players. On the other hand, players who don't play ADC frequently complain that they're overpowered if they don't get nuked. This scenario forces teams to always focus on the ADC and take him down before starting any fight, and players are craving the traditional teamfights of the past, where everyone played an important role.

While players can complain about any role and how it may boost a team or break it, ADCs' all-or-nothing nature makes it extremely challenging to establish a balance that works, with players who get fed and carried seeing them as "too strong" to play against and those playing the role who get focused seeing themselves as lacking power.

After Team Liquid deleted Doublelift with three far-range ultimates, however, those who thought ADC was a bit too powerful were forced to admit that they felt awful for the seasoned ADC player.

To check out the LCS clip, click here.

Players joked on Reddit about how Doublelift might have played better and made fun of his positioning.

Among the top-voted comments, a Redditor posted:

“Bad positioning by the ADC. You’re supposed to position in the fountain until abilities have been used.”

It's debatable whether or not ADC is a well-rounded position. Would 100 Thieves have triumphed if Doublelift could have survived taking three ultimates at once? Should killing ADCs be harder, and should ADCs self-defense methods receive a boost? Should they get more than just Summoner Spells and Galeforce?

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