Celebrity Gamers That Play League of Legends


eSports and competitive online gaming have gained a lot of traction in recent years- both in terms of revenue and popularity. That is why terms like League of Legends or LoL for short, PUBG, Valorant, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Fortnite are well known and often trending.

These competitive sports games usually are based on strategic competitions held between two teams, mainly a 5v5 or 3v3, but the former is more popular. Since most of these games are free, they appeal to the masses even more. Seeing popular celebrity gamers that play League Of Legends incites even more interest and hype.

There are options to choose from hundreds of characters or champions, as they're known as- in League of Legends, that come with their own visual and tactic appeal. Each champion holds different powers and tools that can be used to effectively defeat the opposite team's base.


What Is League Of Legends

For those who may be unaware, LoL is a competitive and strategy based online game. This particular game is the most popular eSports in the world, with more than 115 million players playing it every month and peaked at around 50 million playing it daily. The LoL tournaments are held in various countries around the world, and players from all over compete for the prize money, which, when pooled, can reach tens of millions of dollars.

The game itself is no walk in the park. Players need to constantly up their strategies and find combinations of champions, tools, and power-ups to destroy their opposing team. The highly competitive nature of the game is what makes it the top eSport in the world.

The players can customize and change their champion’s appearance- choosing from the various league of legends skins available for the champions. They can play with online players to become part of a huge gaming community.

There are options to play 5v5 with each team consisting of 5 players match online. If you have your players and want to play with more than 5 players, then there is always the option to play the customizable mini-game "Mundo Dodgeball."

The main aim of the game is to have a face-off between 2 teams of 5 players that have the goal of destroying each others’ Nexus. These are buildings located in the center of each team’s base and have minions coming out of them to attack the other side.

Celebrities That Play League Of Legends

Since its release in 2009 by Riot Games, League of Legends has changed the face of competitive online gaming. There are millions playing LoL every day, and you'll be surprised to know your favorite celebrities can be among them. Here is a list of some celebrities that have very publicly expressed their love for the game.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

You'll be surprised to know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, is an avid fan of League of Legends and took to Twitter to tweet about it quite a lot of times. She has announced how she considered her Silver III rank " a small quarantine accomplishment." She had previously also celebrated her Silver IV rank earlier on Instagram and is constantly expressing her passion for the game.

Players are assigned ranks when they begin playing and have the opportunities to climb higher to better ranks. The top 3 are, of course, coveted and a Silver III rank is no simple feat.


Jay Chou

Jay Chou, a mandopop (mandarin pop) star and loves League of Legends so much that he even bought a team. The team he acquired was Worlds champions Taipei Assassins, also known as the J team. He also very recently played against Karry Wang, another very popular mandopop star.

They both competed to show their skills, and Jay Chou won using Master Yi. This Taiwanese star also makes sure to appear in various eSports events in China and Taiwan and promotional matches as well.


Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is an All-star level NBA player. He plays the Forward for the Boston Celtics and isn't just a master on the court. He has been an avid player since Season 3 of LoL and continues to be a popular face of the game. The League of Legends even released official promotional videos with Hayward.

His NBA career is successful, but his gaming profile is not behind. He's played higher ranks and even played in Gold 4 and PLatinum despite his demanding schedule and profession. His passion and interest for the game have led him to stream several of his games on Twitch, too.

He plays as a Tryndamere main under the name of GTimeee and has been very vocal about the toxic nature of the players in their online communities. They can be quite caustic and often get the bad light for spreading negativity amongst players, so much so that terms like "Inting" have come into use. Inting is when a player intentionally "feeds" or sacrifices themselves for the detriment of their team because they have players amongst them that they dislike.



Bangtan Boys, or BTS- as they're popularly known are the biggest boy band in the world, both in terms of popularity and success. It is hardly possible not to know about them since their dedicated, and extremely passionate fans are always keeping the band in the limelight online.

BTS members Jin, Jungkook, and V, have on several occasions, expressed their interest in League of Legends. In an interview, Jin exclaimed that his character Jhin in League of Legends has a name similar to his own.

Recently, in their own hosted variety show, BTS had invited T1- one of the most popular competitive LoL teams over as guests. They then proceeded to play League of Legends by missing the band members with the pro gamers into 2 teams. The game they chose to play was the League of Legends mini-game Mando Dodgeball.

This LoL face-off between the band and the Pro team T1, which included their popular player Faker, had the fans from both the communities increasingly hyped up and excited.


Wrap Up

Since LoL requires constant engaging in battle and coming up with competitive strategies, the game becomes a lot of fun and is very engaging to the players. And many celebrities enjoy the thrill of playing, too, which is why League of Legends has never been short on celebrity presence, and with its popularity, that is only bound to increase.

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