When Does Season 8 End? League of Legends (LoL)

Wondering when this League of Legends season ends so you have enough time to get your LoL season rewards?

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Riot usually announces the exact League of Legends Season end date a Month or so beforehand to give players enough time to grind the ranked ladder to guarantee their end of season rewards, or in our case it gives our League of Legends Elo Boosters enough time to guarantee end of season rewards for the client.

Based on the previous end dates of League of Legends seasons we came up with a rough guess on when the end of LoL season 8 may be...

Listed below are previous season start and end dates, all the way from LoL season 1 to our current season; season 8!

Season 8 Started on January 16 2018 .................................
Season 7 Started on December 8 2016 Ends on November 7 2017
Season 6 Started on January 20 2016 Ended on November 8 2016
Season 5 Started on January 21 2015 Ended on November 11 2015
Season 4 Started on January 10 2014 Ended on November 11 2014
Season 3 Started on February 1 2013 Ended on November 11 2013
Season 2 Started on November 29 2011 Ended on November 12 2012
Season 1 Started on July 13 2010 Ended on August 23 2011

As you can see from the end dates above, the season ends have always been during November with the exception of season 1! Therefore there is a very high probability that this season will be the same.

Based on what we already know from the end dates, our guess is that League of Legends season 8 will end on November the 9th or November the 10th.

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