League Of Legends: World Championship


The crowning event for the League of Legends fanatics, the World Championship, is just around the corner. This is the time when countless fans gather in the arena and watch the best players clashing to win the "Worlds."

However, what is the big hype about?  The Worlds hosted by Riot games mark the culmination of the season. After competing for a long, arduous month, the winning League of Legends champions team wins the majestic Summoner's cup, which is a great honor for the LoL fandom.

The most streamed game on Twitch, LoL, has about 100 million active users as of now. It was released in 2009 by Riot and is regularly updated with exciting League of Legends patch versions and League of Legends builds. After conquering esports, the next step for LoL is to become more mainstream.

Do you want to know the history of these Worlds? To catch a gist of this mega event, read on! Here, we will give you a rundown about what happens at the Worlds and the Summoners that won the Worlds held to date.


When Did It Start?

If you are new, you might be wondering what the League of Legends Worlds are.

Riot Games, the founder of League of Legends, decided to host the first annual League of Legends World Championship after accumulating many players. The decision was a turning point for the esports world. Though there were not many profound resources available, Worlds was conducted in 2011.

The first League of Legends championship, the first season, was held at DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden, from June 18 to 21, 2011.

The event's total prize pool was $100,000, attracting eight North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe teams. About 1.6 million viewers watched the live event, more than 210,000 during the peak period.

Some of the current best League of Legends teams participated in the game. Popular Gaming teams such as Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid as well as Epik Gaming, Gamed!De, the Pacific team, and Xan were involved in the prestigious event.

After three consecutive games, Fnatic won the first League of Legends World Championship title in one fell swoop.

According to league wiki, the prize pool was US $50,000.


Summary of World Championships Held till 2020

Are you interested in knowing which team lifted the 70-pound Summoners cup in the years after 2011? Also, what was the price pool?

Before the championship commences, the recent patch releases are noted since each update comes with a different League of Legends guide, new League of Legends skins, and many other updates.

Now, let's see the past tournament details.

Season 2

The second season championship game was held in Los Angeles in October 2012 and once again served as the final of the League of Legends season.

The game consisted of twelve teams, four more than the first season. The South Korean team and the Chinese team participated for the first time. The game offered a generous pool of $2 million to the winning team.

The Taipei Assassin team claimed victory and won a whopping $1 million. Now, the pool prize offers were huge, and many outstanding teams started joining the championship. This is where the tournament started becoming a massive deal.

Season 3

The League of Legends Worlds was held in 2013, Los Angeles, USA.

Fourteen teams took part in the event. Korean organization SK Telecom T1 topped the League of Legends tier and was crowned as the champion.

The prize money was $1 million.

Season 4

The world championship in 2014 took place in different regions, and the grand finals were held in Seoul, Korea.

Again, the championship was won by a Korean team, Samsung Galaxy White, out of the sixteen qualifying teams.

The total prize pool was $2 million.


Season 5

Season 5 in 2015 took Worlds to Europe for the first time since season 1 and gave us one of the most memorable tournaments that LoL's world has ever seen.

Again, the Koreans won, with SK Telecom T1 claiming their second world championship.

SKT won prize money of $1 million again.

Season 6

To many people, Season 6, 2016 was similar to Season 5, except that the incident took place in North America instead of Europe.

SK Telecom won again and became the first consecutive champion. SKT is also ranked among the best in the League of Legends Reddit polls.

They won the prize money of $2.6 million.

This time, the Worlds was viewed by 43 million people. They also offered the highest prize pool until 2016.

Season 7

The 2017 World was held for the first time in Beijing, China, the final was organized at the famous Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium. It was the most impressive attraction in all of esports.

You can catch a glimpse of the fabulous event at various League of Legends youtube channels.

Koreans topped the boards again, with the Samsung Galaxy team winning the tournament.

The final prize pool was a massive USD 4,940,000.

Season 8

The 2018 LoL World Championships were held in Korea. The introductory phase happened in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Then they moved to Busan to participate in the group stage and quarter-finals.

The Chinese team, Invictus Gaming, won the championship this time.

The prize money was $2,418,750.

Season 9

Traveling back to Europe, teams participated in Germany's finals and group stages, moved to Spain in the quarter-finals and semifinals, and ended in Paris, France.

FunPlus won the 2019 Worlds.

The prize won by this team was $834,375.

Season 10

The 2020 world championship was more of a traveling tour of China. The final stage took place at the Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium. However, due to the growing global crisis, the event was downgraded to an event held only in Shanghai.

In all, 24 teams participated, and Damwon won the league.

The prize money was $556,250, according to the League of Legends wiki.

The 2021 Worlds will be held in China and held in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. The finals will also be held in these places.


Final Words

The Worlds is no ordinary tournament. Each year, its popularity and massive prize pools are escalating. Besides, all LoL fans wait eagerly for the Summoners to win the Summoner's cup. This virtual game tournament has become huge over the years.

If you have never watched a Worlds tournament, you can browse Twitch League of Legends, where Worlds are live-streamed.

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