League of Legends Review

A special modification designed for Warcraft 3, Defense of the Ancients (DotA) made a real revolution in the gaming field few years ago. The result was a completely new genre of games known as multiplayer online battle arena. This interesting game genre gain instant popularity among gamers around the world, mainly because of the advance of the internet and the opportunity to easily play with friends and strangers free of charge. Soon after this DotA’s modification, Riot Games introduced League of Legends, a game that is still the most popular game one in this genre. 

This interesting game is so special because it has a background story that is continuously upgraded and updated. The best way to describe League of Legends is to say that it is an arena in which heroes team up and compete against heroes and regular warriors of different groups at war. The interesting part is that each hero has a different story why and how he joined a certain team. Whether it was a destiny or he is there by choice makes no difference – the game will certainly amuse you!

Those who have played DotA will find League of legends very easy to play. In fact, this game is easy to play for anyone that has average gaming abilities. In order to start playing you will have to create an account. This account will be used as an ID in front of other opponents. Each player is considered to be a summoner who summons certain heroes that will assist him in his quest. Each hero has separate summoner spells. The summoner (the player) gains experience as he finishes the game/match. Of course, if he wins the match he will gain more points. All these experience points are added on your account and you will slowly start to progress until you reach the maximum (30th level). With constant daily playing you can reach this level in a month or two (depending on your skills). 

League of legends (LoL) has a total of three major maps. This might sound a little bit shocking for more experienced players but believe it or not this game is really entertaining even if played on these three maps only. Each player starts with a Naxus, Inhibitor and turrets on his side and the goal is to destroy the opponents base. You can do that if you start with the turrets, the next will be the inhibitor and finally the nexus (which is actually the core of the base). Beware of the so-called minions that occasionally “born” and they come in waves attacking everything that stands in their way including Heroes. A typical LoL match last around 30 to 60 minutes. 

League of Legends is a team game. Each team has three to five heroes depending on the size of the map. What makes LoL special is that you gradually explore all its features and the fact that this game has a friendly interface that allows players to play and react quickly. LoL is a game that will certainly be on top of the best games list for a long time.

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