Is LoL Elo Boosting Safe?

Is LoL Elo Boosting Safe?

A question many people ask us, especially after Riot's new post regarding MMR Boosting & Account Sharing. The question being: "Is League of Legends Elo Boosting Safe?" "Can I get Banned For LoL Elo Boosting?" Let us answer this for you.

Since https://lol-eloboosting.com/ launched in 2013, we've completed a tonne of Elo Boosting orders, and I really mean a tonne! Out of all the League of Legends accounts we've boosted, I only recall a few being banned (Roughly Less than 0.1%) this may be due to the fact we take client security very seriously or simply the fact Riot isn't doing enough. Sadly we do not have a clear answer. Nevertheless, you're probably still wondering how Riot actually ban people for Elo Boosting.

How Do Riot Actually Ban People For Elo Boosting?

Riot's investigation/detection process is quite random and usually picks out players that have jumped in ranked difference over a short space of time.

There is then a small chance that Riot will monitor the account progress and then the location of the person currently playing on the account and how it differentiates from the previous person playing on the account (You, The Account Owner).

Luckily for you, we take the utmost care to make sure the risk is reduced in the most possible way.

How Do We Protect Clients From Bans?

  • lol-eloboosting urges our boosters to use a VPN. The VPN works by connecting the Elo Booster to the region the account is on, therefore Riot will see progress is being made on the same region the customer usually plays on.
  • Read More About VPN Protection Here: https://lol-eloboosting.com/blog/lol/misc/what-is-vpn-protection-lol-elo-boosting
  • Our Elo Boosters also ignore private messages and can play using offline mode if requested. Offline mode shows you as offline to your friends while our booster plays.

Still feeling hesitant about Solo Queue Elo Boosting? You Can Avoid This Situation Via Duo Queue Boosting Or Coaching.

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