Does Music Affect Performance When Gaming?


Music is believed to have both positive and negative effects on competitive gaming, depending on the player and the music type.


So, let’s dive into the realm of competitive League of Legends, cognition and sound psychology to understand both the positives and negatives of the matter.


Benefits Of Playing With Music:


More and more players are starting to listen to music whilst playing, but does it actually help or affect performance in-game?


While the phrase “Mozart effect” a study that suggested listening to music could greatly enhance intelligence has been debunked, there are still believed to be many benefits associated with listening to music.


    Music that is soothing and relaxing can take away the stress and anxiety of the game. Perfect for balancing out the 0/10 Yasuo on your team!

    Background music may improve focus and concentration while playing by providing motivation and improved mood. During long gaming sessions, music can also aid endurance.

    In some cases, players have also found that music helps with memorization, this is most likely caused by creating a positive mood, which indirectly boosts memory formation!


Negatives Of Playing With Music:


And still, despite those great positives, some studies have shown that music can often be more distracting than helpful.


    Players who listen to music with lyrics while playing tend to be less efficient and can sometimes lose track of vital information in-game.

    Loud or aggressive music can sometimes have adverse effects on mood, making focus more difficult.


Ultimately, the effects of music and gaming are dependent on the player and their preference.


What Our Esports Coaches Say:


1.   “Personally I only listen to music during gameplay if i’m playing alone, which often I’m not. Most of the time during playing, I’m in a discord call with my friends. Occasionally if we want to listen to music, we just set up a Discord Music Bot, setting the volume to a background noise level so we can still hear our teammates.”


2.   “It’s all preference, but I find that certain types of music help me to focus more. If you’re trying to improve then you should choose music which enhances your ability to concentrate on a task. Sometimes music can take your focus away from the game. If i’m playing for fun, I’ll pretty much play whatever music I feel like having on, but if i’m playing competitively in ranked, then I will usually use a more calm and relaxed music playlist to help me zone in on the game completely!”

3.   “I’ve found that music makes it harder for me to zone out in the game and autopilot, I also find that lyrics can be distracting!”


4.   “It actually varies from player to player, I personally find myself playing at the same level though, if not only a bit calmer with a relaxed playlist. Also, with a Discord Music Bot, I can listen at the same time as my friends, which makes the whole experience so much better.”


Ultimately, the effects of music when gaming are dependent on the player and their preference. If easily distracted, players should most likely avoid music so they can keep their focus on the game. Conversely, players who focus better as multitaskers may find that music helps them to better concentrate while in-game.

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