5 Reasons why Riot doesn’t care about “MMR Boosting” a.k.a. eloboosting.

Riot Games likes to brag about the actions they take against eloboosting in League of Legends, when in reality these actions bearly scratch the surface of “problem”. They don’t care about people that resort to eloboosting, but they care about the problem as a hole, and they must treat it as one on a PR level. The best solution found so far seems to be the numerous posts about people that got banned after using eloboost services, creating fear among the rank of people that think of resorting to eloboosting services.

1. People that buy MMR Boosting , usually buys Riot merchandise too.

If we take a closer look on this situation from an economic point of view, we realize that the people that can afford to buy eloboost most likely have the finances to acquire different goods in their game. Having this in mind , we can ask ourselves: “Why would they take punishment actions against the very same people that represent a large part of their income, risking to make them possibly quit the game?”

2. MMR Boosting is financing indirectly LCS.

That might seem a bit exaggerated, but many pro players have been caught eloboosting before:
• Brandon “Dontmashme” Phan
• Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black (CLG member)
• Samuel “Chuuper” Chu
• William “Meteos” Hartman (C9 member)
• ChengLong “NyJacky” Wang (TL member)
• Keith “Phranq” Hunter
• Kennen “Rhux” Santos (Team Curse ex-member) 
• Jake “Xmithie” Puchero (CLG member)
And yet the actions taken against these players were just 2 weeks of bans. This ruling can be found and discussed on Riot Games official forums http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3239350); 

So why would Riot Games act so soft on this matter, when their policy is so strict about MMR Boosting?
Most people when they reach adulthood have to start providing for themselves, otherwise problems will start to rise. Eloboosting can be a short economical solution for those people that have the will to go professional and are in Challenger Series, a scene that without it, Riot Games can’t replenish new talent in LCS. 

3. Detecting MMR Boost is very challenging.

We must not kid ourselves, Riot will take actions against the people that are caught blatantly getting eloboosted. They have some ways of detecting eloboosting, but it’s very flimsy, so they have to manually investigate each account, a tremendous work on their part which doesn’t pay off. The only effective way of detecting eloboosting is, if the players that are involved in the game in which the elobooster participates, report the account that they suspect of getting eloboosted through customer support. So as long as eloboosters don’t brag to the ingame players that they are eloboosters , they will most likely go unnoticed.

4. Banning people suspect of MMR Boosting can cause a lot of issues.

Almost all the people that get rightfully or wrongfully banned for eloboost will contest Riot’s decision by submitting a ticket. For every ticket submitted a Riot Service Customer employee must respond to it and try to resolve the issue. 

Given the fact that Riot Games is banning people in waves, the aftermath will cause a massive post of tickets that will overwhelm the Customer Service, making them to respond to the tickets very late or not at all. In such scenarios, they have to hire more personnel; Personnel that will be overkill after the ban wave ends. All of these mentioned above require huge economical resources (resources that can be invested in other structures of the company that actually make a profit) that have little payoff. 

5. MMR Boosting is one of the last concerns that Riot Games has.

League of Legends is facing more severe problems than eloboosting. One of which created lately huge community hate toward the game; We’re talking about Bot of Legends , more known as “scripts”. Third-party software that is designed to help players in hitting skillshots, juking skillshots, marking timers on every jungle camp, zoomhacking etc. This software is labeled as a cheat, and it makes simple solo queue players seem like LCS players, causing bad game experience to their opponents. Another issue that Riot Games faces for a long time is the ingame toxicity, afk players, leavers and other things that seem to affect almost every game, unlike eloboosting that affect a small negligible number of games.

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