Why play role playing video games?

The use of computers today cannot be completely avoided. Computers are used everywhere. Almost every family in developed countries has at least one computer in their household and even undeveloped societies tend to reach that number. We are literally surrounded by technology and computers. That’s why many people are concerned that our lives will be changed forever. They are especially concerned about gaming and how it can affect people of all ages. However, latest studies have proven that playing games, especially role playing games, can be very beneficial for our health.

First and foremost, role playing games are good learning tool. Instead of learning new skills in a completely new natural environment you can do that from the comfort of your home. We are not talking only about amateur training; role playing games are also used as part of flight training for example. Pilots are operating an airplane in a simulator first. You can also experience some battles from the past and take the role of a solider for example. 

Role playing games are good for the mental health too. Those who are suffering from depression or those who are dealing with a lot of stress will find role playing games especially useful. By playing these games, the patient/sufferer is focusing on the character’s state instead of its own and the good thing is that even when the game is over, he/she feels relaxed because the experience he/she had with the character provides good mood. These games can also be beneficial for those who have troubles when it comes to decision making. Almost every role paying game requires fast reactions and making decisions quickly. Since gamers know that this is not a real life situation they are bolder and make decisions more quickly. This will make them think about the decisions that they make in real life too. They don’t have to hesitate in situations when the outcome is more and less known. By playing role playing games the gamer understands how it looks to be someone else and in this way he understands himself better.

Role playing games are a great mood booster. They provide mental well-being and people that play games regardless of their age feel better. The only disadvantage that role playing games bring is if they are overused. There are some people who use gaming as an escape from their reality which is really wrong. The game’s intention is to entertain us and bring us some of the benefits that we have mentioned. They certainly can’t change the reality that we live in. Spending many hours in front of your computer every day is not a healthy thing and those benefits won’t have any effect. League of Legends is one of those MOBA and role playing games that can help you experience all the benefits that gaming brings. It’s a game that stays on the top of the popularity lists in the last few years and that’s the prove about its quality.

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