Top 3 League of Legends Aram Champions To Win Games!

Top 3 League of Legends Aram Champions To Win Games!

League of Legends ARAM, a topic not usually covered by many sites; let alone a LoL Elo boosting site like: https://lol-eloboosting.com/

However, I believe it's safe to say that when you've been playing Ranked solo queue for days, weeks or even Months it can get kind of boring. That's most likely why ARAM is the second most popular game mode currently and some of our LoL Elo Boosters favourite games to play to relax.

To help increase your chances of winning games in League of Legends ARAM we've taken a look at some of the best ARAM champions that currently exist, all hand picked by one of our Elo Boosters here at https://lol-eloboosting.com/

Coming in first is Ziggs!

Ziggs on ARAM is a complete beast! Ziggs can poke the whole enemy team with ease with his range/general abilities.

Another reason to why Ziggs is such a beast on ARAM, is his ultimate which alllows him to deals tons of damage to a select area. Because ARAM is such a small map, his ultimate can cause complete havoc on multiple enemy champions.

Coming in second is Fiddlesticks!

Since ARAM is such a small map, Fiddlesticks's ultimate can cause complete havoc! Similar to Ziggs if used correctly on mutple enemy champions he deals a tonne of damamge. The only difference is that Fiddlesticks ultimate also cc's people.

Coming in third is Lux!

Lux has the complete kit when it comes to League of Legends ARAM! Snares, shields, poke damage and a long range ultimate. Her ultimate is amazing for ARAM, similar to the two ultimates above; when the enemy champions group up she can deal tons of damage!

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