The 3 Best Bot Lane Combos To Abuse In S10

When it comes to winning hard in the bot lane, making sure that you have a good bot lane combo with your support or ADC is an absolutely crucial factor.

In season 10, and especially in patch 10.5 – the bot lane is arguably the most important lane in the game due to the changes introduced to jungle camps and the dragon mechanic rework that was launched earlier in the season. And as such, if you win in the bot lane, your team will have a considerable advantage when it comes to controlling early and mid-game objectives.

In today's blog, we'll be taking a look at 5 of the best bot lane combos to help you dominate your opponents and climb the ranked ladder with ease!


1. Miss Fortune ADC and Ashe Support – The Cheese Pick

While this might look like a somewhat weird bot lane combo to some people, the way both of these champions synergize is absolutely insane. And thanks to the new support items – it's actually quite viable!

Why does it work?

This bot lane combo works around being able to utilize Ashe's ult and strong kill potential to create the perfect situations for Miss Fortune's ultimate. Landing a good stun allows Miss Fortune to shred the enemy laners with a full duration ultimate without the risk of a close-proximity engage.


2. Aphelios ADC And Braum Support

While it's no secret that Aphelios plus anything is already a decent combination – Braum helps cover up for the weak-points in Aphelios' early game. This makes for an early-game killing machine and one of the best bot lane duos that you can play to climb faster.

Why does it work?

Aphelios' off-hand Severum features some insanely quick attacks that allow him to proc Braum's passive extremely quickly (faster than practically any other combo in the game). Just think about it a quick 4-attack combo and Braum can land a strong stun while dealing some bonus magic damage, allowing Aphelios to combo the target. This makes Aphelios and Braum one of the best bot lane combos due to how much kill potential they have in the early game.


3. Senna ADC and Nami Support

It's no secret that Nami is one of the best all-around supports, no matter what ELO you're playing at due to how diverse and powerful her kit is. However, in Season 10, Senna is a close runner up as one of the most popular supports at the moment. However, putting them together as a bot lane duo allows for some super-burst magic to happen.

Why does it work?

The recent changes to Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing mean that it now applies to abilities as well. This means that Senna's Piercing Darkness will now do tonnes of extra damage and slow anyone she hits while the buff is up. This interaction between their kits makes Nami and Senna incredibly dangerous and can really get them ahead in the early game.


Closing Thoughts

While running one of the best bot lane combos doesn't necessarily guarantee you an instant win over your opponents, it's a great way to make sure that you have the upper hand in the laning phase.

If you're stuck winning lane, but just can't seem to close out the game, check out our coaching section and browse through our informative LoL guides to learn everything you need to know about carrying yourself to diamond and above!



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