Solo queue

Solo queue also know between lol players as soloq is the most important queue in League of Legends. The irony in it is that even if it's called solo queue you can play with a friend within one league difference for example from gold league you can duo with silver, platinum and unranked.

Solo queue starts with the bans. The bans are used to stop champions that are too strong at that moment or they interfere with the teams combo. Every team has 3 bans, each team banning one by one , first team that does the bans being the blue team. You can figure out the side of the map from champion select by seeing who bans first or the color of the names in the middle of the screen. 

Soloq is also the most strict type of queue out of all. You are not allowed to dodge a game once you have entered in champion select. Leaving champion select will lead to a ban that wont allow you to join any queue for 5 minutes and also a lose of 5 LP also known as league points for the first offense. Dodging a second time will lead to a bigger punishment, 10 minutes of game restriction and a lose of 10 league points and the punishment gets only worse as you do it more and more. It resets once every 24 hours. 

After ban phase follows the pick phase, as important as the game itself, depending on the picks it can count as much as 50 percent to victory. It is based at the moment on 5 roles : toplaner , midlaner , jungler , marksman and support, each of them with their own importance. It happens sometimes to meet players that play the same role as you, making you play and learn more than one role. This is why Riot Games works on improving that by adding a mode called Team Builder where everyone can chose the roles they play and be matched with players that main a different role. All the roles are important and all have their different impact. The jungler is considered the most important role because he forces the lane wherever he is going to a disadvantage always making the fight 2 versus 1 or 3 versus 2 depending on the reaction of the other jungler. Support is considered the most unimpactful role because it is considered that everyone can do it and it doesn't require to deal damage because it is based more on assisting your marksman in team fights.

Most of the lol players use it to advance in higher tiers and learn the game. You can start it immediately after getting level 30 and meeting the minimum requirement of 16 champions owned. As most of the games it is based on ranks. You begin your 10 placement matches immediately after you got level 30. After the 10 unranked games you will be placed in a league that is decided by your performance in the 10 placement games. The leagues are like in most of the competitive games : bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and challenger. Most of the leagues are composed of 5 divisions with their random champion names, the leagues going from 5 to 1. 100 points plus 2 promotion games are required to advance trough divisions and 3 promotion games are required to advanced in higher league. You can only advance in leagues from division I of every league.

The promotion games allow you to lose 1 out of 3 and 2 out of 5 depending on the type of promotion. The most aspiring league is Challenger. To get into challenger you need to be one of the best 200 players on the server and you must maintain that position for 24 hours in master league. Master league is the second most important league in league of legends after challenger and as hard to get in. You can only get in master league after you achieve 100 points in diamond 1 and you win 3 out of the 5 promotion games. Why is solo queue the most important type of game? Because it's the only place you can meet players of equal skill or higher and it's the place most of the people recruit for teams. Players like Odoamne and ForellenLord were recruting for Championship Series teams or even LCS teams by being noticed in solo queue.

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